P0rn! (of the statistical variety) the sixth.

Six months. The half year. And CF can't leave the stats alone.

As he always points out, CF doesn't really know how to interpret these figures, or which are the most important, but it was the best month so far and boastfulness is a hard vice to supress, so here we are:

26,181 Page Loads
21,273 Unique Visitors
11,986 First Time Visitors
9,287 Returning Visitors

Quite pleasing, even though Guido Fawkes did, literally, nearly 100 times better.

Most viewed post of the month - by a long, long way - was the spoof Nick Griffin Question Time transcript. This seemed to tickle a few funny bones, and was linked to by several of the 'big playas', as well as being mentioned - somewhat worryingly - on several pro-BNP websites and forums.

That post was also the one that pushed the CF blog over the first major milestone in its short life: 100,000 views since it began. CF would have baked a cake, but frankly didn't actually notice the momentous event until a while later. Ah, well. A cake at 250, perhaps?

CF is extremely grateful to everyone who comes along: many thanks to all who linked, hat-tipped,  and quoted CF's eclectic ravings, and thanks to all who visited.

If work allows, CF may well be turning up for OH's November 5th stroll, and would be glad to buy each and every one of you a beer.




banned said...

Very cunning disguise > "P0rn!" You would not want any dirty bastards coming across your blog by mistake would you ?

Constantly Furious said...

@banned: I refer you to this. ;-)