Labour want to stay on the gravy train

A nation rejoiced yesterday when Lord Adonis announced the best news heard on these shores since the ending of World War II
Grown men wept with happiness when they heard that no less ten railway stations in England are to modernised.

Imagine that. No less than 50 million pounds (of our money, of course) is to be spent to carry out improvements.

Fifty million quid? A drop in the ocean compared to the overall debt the McBroon and his cronies have pissed up the wall recently, but still a chunky sum to have appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, just to spruce up some railway stations. Why now?

Why, when nationally we haven't got a pot to piss in, are we tarting up railway stations?

Well, as the eagle-eyed Guido points out, there's another, hidden motive. Well of course there fucking is - there always is, with this bunch of lying crooks, isn't there?

The motive becomes clear when you look at the list of stations again:

  • Manchester Victoria - a Labour constituency
  • Clapham Junction - a Labour constituency
  • Barking - a Labour constituency
  • Warrington Bank Quay - a Labour constituency
  • Preston - a Labour constituency
  • Wigan North Western - a Labour constituency
  • Luton - a Labour constituency
  • Liverpool Central - a Labour constituency
  • Stockport - a Labour constituency
  • Crewe - recently Labour, currently Tory, but targeted by Labour to win back 
Can you see a pattern emerging? Can you?

That's right. 50 million quid of our cash is being poured into Labour seats, with the idea that, if our station gets tarted up, we'll just add that to the enormous list of 'things that got better under Labour' on polling day.

Anybody would think there was an election coming up. Anyone would think that the current Government were so utterly desperate, and had so little respect for our intelligence that we would fail to notice this blatant bribe.

Anyone would think Labour are trying to buy our votes with our money.



Anonymous said...

Interesting, but there is some reason to question the logic of this. If Labour wish to spend this money buying votes, they had better spend it in marginal constituencies, not Labour heartlands. We have seen in Glasgow that the Labour strongholds are not necessarily in danger.

Anonymous said...

All Labour constituencies and all tips.

bnzss said...

I also blame Keynes for lending credence to the idea that politicians pulling shit like this is actually a good thing.

JuliaM said...

"If Labour wish to spend this money buying votes, they had better spend it in marginal constituencies, not Labour heartlands."

That depends on them getting the vote out, though. If enough of the core vote stays home...

Anonymous said...

I live in Stockport, and the station was only revamped a few years ago. What's the REAL reason to burn more cash on it?