Toxic Man to see Toxic Waste?

Nick Griffin is a democratically elected MEP. Much as that might gall most of us, it's a fact. He and his party may hold a variety of muddled-but-obnoxious views on any number of subjects, but a million desperate and disillusioned voters put their cross in his box.

In his role as an MEP, Mr Griffin said he wanted to visit the Sellafield Nuclear Plant, which sits within his North West European Parliament constituency.

Griffin says he's pro-nuclear power, but he'll probably deny having been, or having said that, in about 20 minutes time.

Nonetheless, not an unreasonable request, really. Much as he might like to, it's unlikely he'll turn up with lorry-load of darkies and demand for them to be hurled into the core of the reactor, isn't it?

But the management at Sellafield don't want him there. Oh no. In fact, they've told him outright that he can't come.

"Safety is our number one value at Sellafield and we were concerned that an on site visit by Mr Griffin and his team could cause an unnecessary distraction, with the potential for this to have a detrimental effect on safety."

Oh for fuck's sake. 'Safety is our number one value' : what kind of nuSpeak bollocks is that? Give us a break, would you?

And a 'distraction'? What? Hard to see how a one-eyed fat bloke in a cheap suit and some shaven-headed 'minders' are going to distract everybody to the extent that the wrong switch gets pressed and the core melts down, isn't it?

No, what the chickenhearts of Sellafield are claiming to be worried about are anti-BNP protests.

And we know who they're pretending to be scared of , don't we? They're thinking of those rent-a-mob fuckwits of Unite Against Facism, the government-funded fake charity who specialise in shouting down and suppressing any views with don't agree with their own. Best quote? "We don't believe in free speech for fascists".

Undergrads Against Free-Speech have protested at - or rather violently attacked - other BNP events, and all that taxpayers' money they receive allows them to be ruthlessly well organised, so its a safe bet they'd have shown up at Sellafield with their clever rhetoric eggs and flour.

But, but, but ... hang on a fucking minute, Sellafield. Given that you've had to secure the place against terrorists and crazed bunny-huggers for the last 22 fucking years, why the fuck can't you fob off a bunch of excitable students with megaphones? If you're worried about a couple of coachloads of deluded kids, how the fuck are you going to prevent bearded men with a vanload of explosives?

Well, you could, of course. But that's not really the issue is it? No.

CF would be willing to bet a large amount of money that, at some point in the last couple of days, someone in Sellafield's management has uttered the phrase "We're not having that bastard in our building; over my dead body".

Didn't they? Someone said that in some meeting, and you then had to invent a whole story as to why he 'really, really' couldn't come. Didn't you?

Because you're not really worried about safety that much, are you? You just want to get all Ben Elton 'little bit political' don't you? A tiny pin-prick protest against a man from an extremist party. You can deny him a tiny bit of the oxygen of publicity, and that'll learn him, eh?

Stick to your day jobs, guys.

++UPDATE++ : it appears the guys over at the Daily Mash take a slightly different view of the ban...


Dippyness. said...

Like it or not. Griffin has been elected. Like it or not, he should be given the same respect any other MEP would be given.
It's called democracy.
But then Democracy 'ain't what Labour is about is it?

JuliaM said...

Well, this opens a bit of a can of worms, then...

And another few voters go to the BNP. Well done, chaps. Well done indeed.


Jill said...

Twats. All of them.

And to be fair, nuclear power *is* in the BNP manifesto, under environment: "Investigate the feasibility of cutting-edge, intrinsically-safe, fast-breeder nuclear stations".

My favourite from their environment section though, is: "The banning of the ritual slaughter of animals without pre-stunning, and the sale of such meat".

And, of course, we all believe the rationale behind that is being nice to fluffy animals, don't we? I shouldn't laugh, but I'm afraid I do.

mungle said...

If nothing else, the BNP's progress so far has demonstrated the flimsyness of our democracy and for that we should be grateful. Perhaps in future we will be more hesitant to send our young people to die on foreign soil in the name of democracy when true democracy seems to count for so little here.

JuliaM said...

"And, of course, we all believe the rationale behind that is being nice to fluffy animals, don't we?"

Well, Hitler was a vegetarian dog lover...

Captain Haddock said...

You don't see many of those around Julia .. Vegetarian dogs, I mean .. Lol