Send your Poppy to ASLEF

Constantly Furious was particularly enraged yesterday.

As described his last post, Rail company First Capital Connect were forced to cancel virtually all services for the day, as Drivers – members of Trade Union ASLEF - all decided not to show up for work, in a protest over pay. Read it and rage.

This on the one day in the year when Veterans, Soldiers and Military families wanted to travel to Remembrance Services. Many were unable to attend, for the first time in years.

Since posting, Union apologists have tried to pin this on a 'lack of organisation' by First Capital Connect: surely, they bleat, they should have had ‘some other arrangement’ in place. Bollocks. The '4 days a week plus whatever overtime you fancy' arrangement has been in place for years. And yet this 'problem' has never occurred before. Funny, that.

This mass absenteeism was not a co-incidence. No. It was a centrally-managed-by-ASLEF, old-fashioned 'work to rule'. Cynical, selfish and a slap in the face for the public.

Keith Norman is the current General Secretary of ASLEF, having been with the Union for 42 years. He is also - of course - a member of the Labour Party. So you just know that no-one in Government is going to utter a fucking peep about this disgraceful, devious back-door strike.

So it’s over to us.

On Wednesday this week, after the 2 minute silence, CF is going to remove the Poppy from his jacket, and send it to Keith Norman:

     General Secretary
     9 Arkwright Road
     NW3 6AB

With a note.

Yes, Keith, its a Poppy. Try to think, Keith, if you're able, about what the Poppy means, what we're celebrating and mourning on Remembrance Sunday.

Then think about whether it was right for your members, the 'brothers', to refuse to work and to deliberately disrupt travel on that day.

How do you and your members feel knowing that - thanks to them - some veterans will have been forced to watch the ceremonies on television alone rather than being there, with comrades, friends and families?

And all because you and your members feel that 38 grand a year for a 4 day week - and 50 grand a year with overtime - is just not enough money.

CF would be like to think that even a bigoted and blinkered Trade Union leader might feel some shame.

Why don't you all do the same?



Captain Haddock said...

I'm in complete agreement CF and will be following your lead ..

Of course, just how long it will take for the Poppies to reach "Brother" Norman rather depends on the Postal Workers Union ..

patently said...

Don't Throw Your Poppy Away... Constantly Furious has a far better use for it.

It was Rick Mayall in The Young Ones who managed to get everyone thrown off a train by telling the conductor that ASLEF was an anagram for "total and complete bastard". Difficult to argue with, really.

Ed P said...

Don't forget to forget to stamp the envelope - make the bastards pay the postage!

AKA MacGyver said...

Unfortunately, I (very shamefully) did not get a poppy this year, CF, but I will be writing a very strong letter to ASLEF about how disgusting this is.

I just have to calm down enough to actually write it without risking prosecution for what I say.

Electro-Kevin said...

I understand your anger and I'm sure that, through ommission or deliberate act of defiance, that some drivers didn't work. This is unforgivable.

I worked my Remembrance Sunday this year as well as attending work to drive trains later.

Some fifteen colleagues at my depot are ex service members; at least five are war veterans (mainly Falklands) Either RAF or Royal Marines in the main. Most of them are war veterans if you include NI service at the height of the PIRA terror campaigns. But for political reasons this was not called a war even though the rate of attrition against the British was higher than it is in Afghanistan today.

This is typical of the railway. Companies - for some reason - have recruited heavily from the police and the military.

Sundays - by and large - are not part of the working week and are paid as overtime for many train drivers.

Constantly Furious said...

Good on you, electro-kevin. Excuse my wild generalisations. I know not every train driver spent Sunday in the pub.

I also know that Sundays are overtime, and that no driver is obliged to work on a Sunday.

I also, also, know that this has been the case for years. This is my train line, and I've used it on several Sundays this year.

It's only when this pay dispute came up that suddenly no-one was willing to work on a Sunday, and the trains could not be run.

That's not a co-incidence. That's a centrally-organised 'unofficial' strike.

Captain Haddock said...

Like CF .. I accept that not every Driver would agree with or support industrial action on this of all Sundays ..

However, the fact remains that this particular Sunday was chosen deliberately .. Why not last Sunday, or next Sunday ?

I'm quite simply stunned that many ex Forces Drivers went along with this action ..

I'm fortunate enough to have been able to drive to my local War Memorial yesterday, so was unaffected by industrial action ..

I only hope those ex Forces Drivers who took part can look their former comrades-in-arms in the eye next time they're "down the Legion" or wherever ..

Jill said...

Depending on the nature of the dispute, I could support train drivers officially striking on Remembrance Sunday - what is the point of a strike if it doesn't do anyone any harm? Or create reputational damage on the bosses?

But a seemingly unofficial action like this? Nuh uh. Deeply underhand and I don't like it.

BTW - this leftie's equally leftie husband is a Falklands and NI vet.

Katabasis said...

I'll certainly be joining you on this CF, as will some of my friends. Good idea.

As an aside, you may be interested in the progress of driverless train technologies worldwide.

This article linked to from the previous site: 'Paris is heading towards a driverless, strike-free and super-punctual metro. So why isn’t London interested?'

is of particular interest, especially for some of the key comparisons and comments made:

"The negotiations with the unions took longer than the project itself, most progress was held up for two years but eventually a deal was done."

"For me, the most eye-opening part of the whole afternoon came at the end, when I asked how much it was all costing. The answer, said Churchill, was 150 million (£128 million), plus €400 million (£343 million) for the new trains, which they would have had to buy anyway. It will also save around £6 million a year in wages, with the automation element thus paying for itself over the lifetime of the ­system.

To put that into a London perspective, £128 million is the amount TfL is proposing to spend on providing step-free access (to the platforms but not to the actual trains) at just three of its 280 stations. The amount should also be compared with the £9 billion so far spent on London's Tube PPP with almost nothing to show for it. Paris's style of having one person in charge would, of course, be impossible under the PPP."

And from the comments:

"Time and time again the UK under Labour is missing important opportunities like this to develop niche technologies that we could manufacture and export to the rest of the world, this is the only way we can diversify our economy away from the current over-reliance on services. We need a broad rethink from Government about this country's future place in the world now."

"The difference, of course, is that the French know what the public sector is for: to provide a service for citizens as efficiently as possible in a rational and practical manner.

In the UK, having destroyed the notion of public service, we have privatised, outsourced and generally degraded our public sector till it is unrecognisable and nobody has the public interest at heart. Those involved spend all their time working how to fleece the public purse, not now to achieve the real goal of the project. Thanks Tories/New Labour!"


Captain Haddock said...

"what is the point of a strike if it doesn't do anyone any harm" ?

How utterly typical of Trade Union thinking ..

"We're going to get what we want and if, in the process we harm, affect, rip-off or otherwise inconvenience thousands of totally innocent people .. Well, tough titty" ..

That kind of thinking simply reinforces the reason why I've never belonged to a Trade Union .. and why Maggie Thatcher had my total support & respect for breaking their selfish and pernicious stranglehold on this country ..

caesars wife said...

So do i now understand that trains do not run if no one wants overtime ??

when did that happen !

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