Blair's Babes Back?

Pam Tatlow has been been working hard for the government. She's currently head of Million+, a Higher Education think tank, where she develops funding policies for universities.

She's also been chairman, secretary and vice-chairman of a constituency Labour party.

Her reward is due soon - she's been shortlisted for the safe seat of Ashfield in Nottinghamshire,

And look at the picture - she is also, it has to be said, easy on the eye, eh? Mmmmmm. Helllll-o.

What's that? That's not Ms. Tatlow? Oh. Who is it in the picture then?

That's Gloria De Piero. And what does she know about politics? Oh, loads. She was .. wait for it .. a political correspondent for GMTV. Wow. GMTV, eh?

And there's more on her CV than that, too: in 2008 she was voted the 85th sexiest woman in the world, in a poll of the drooling reader of lads'-mag FHM. Yeah baby!!

That's a bit more sexy, a bit more accessible, than all that tedious stuff about policy, isn't it? So she's on that ol' safe-seat-shortlist too. The same one.

And Gloria's not just good at sitting prettily on a red sofa early in the morning, either. Ms De P. is also said to be 'close to Tony Blair'. Lucky old Tone, eh? That must make a pleasant change from old slot-gob.

No surprise then that the other one, that Pam Tatlow, with all her boring, old fashioned 'experience', was quietly removed from the shortlist. Can't have too much competition for the gorgeous, pouting sofa-dolly, can we?

So a women-only shortlist becomes even shorter: a celebrity-women-only shortlist. Wonder what Hattie Harman thinks of all this?

A Labour spokesperson, arriving late and panting, tries to convince us that this was all a mistake.

"..a genuine error .. A clerical error occurred when the initial shortlist was circulated"

Yeah, right.


Angry Exile said...

"That must make a pleasant change from old slot-gob."

Not if he's got an oblong cock.

Captain Haddock said...

"close to Tony Blair" ... is that something anyone remotely sane would want appearing on their CV ????

Anonymous said...

Any voter who votes for candidate who represents the Party who bankrupted the country because she is a bit of alright, is a fucking idiot !!!!

Lord T said...


That is why she will get the Labour vote.

IMRAN said...

IMRAN said...