Brown serves revenge cold

So, the Lobbygate three have been suspended from the Labour party, following the Dispatches broadcast last night. Their greed has led to the destruction of their careers. No cosy lobbying roles later this year - or at least, very few at five fucking grand a day.

Gordon Brown was notable only by his silence for most of yesterday, which comes as no great surprise. He's got plenty of previous, has Macavity.

But he's now broken cover, to announce that there'll be "no need" for an inquiry. And of course there isn't, in McBroon's distorted mind.

He doesn't see the need for one: the enemy is badly damaged already. The enemy? Yes. After all, these miscreants are all famed for being - ugh! - mainstream Blairites.

And Hoon and Hewitt were responsible for that pathetic attempt at a coup a few weeks ago. McBroon doesn't forget that kind of disloyalty. Ever.

As we know all too well, Clunking Fist Brown is more than happen to suspend logic, to ignore what is best for anyone else, in his relentless pursuit of revenge.

His desire to attack, to damage, completely overwhelems any desire he might have to improve his party's lot or - heaven forbid - to do what is right for the nation.

So, is it a coincidence of simply massive proportions that the people 'stung' in this exercise were all people that Gordo' wanted damaged? Of course it fucking well isn't.

Of the literally hundreds of MP's of every shape and colour stepping down at the election, why on earth did the stingers choose Hoon, Hewitt and Byers? Were they tipped the wink? Whaddya think?

Or perhaps they interviewed and filmed many, many more; perhaps dozens of MP's were offered these fake jobs, and only these three responsed in this way? Yeah, right.

So abso-lewtly, as Broon would say, no need for any inquiry. Let 'em swing.

The Lobbygate three are utterly, comprehensively fucked. They'll do nothing more as backbenchers, and there's now nothing waiting for them after the General Election. Both their current and future careers are ruined.

And that's all Gordon wanted.



Uncle Marvo said...

Clunking First?

I was thinking, that's another three. There're three already out on bail for troughing. That's six. All labour.

How many more do you need out before they haven't got a majority left?

Or have there been by-elections to replace them? I don't think so.

Someone will know.

Joe Public said...

".....why on earth did the stingers choose Hoon, Hewitt and Byers?......"

A large selection of MPs were invited. It's just that those 3 were the most blatantly greedy.

JuliaM said...

...or the most blatently stupid.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

The Daily Mash:

Meanwhile a Downing Street source said the fact that the three former ministers at the centre of the scandal are all high profile critics of the prime minister was 'obviously nothing more than a coincidence, if you believe in that sort of thing'.

The source added: "And if anyone else wants to make trouble I'm sure we could coincidence the fuck out of them as well."


Don't Call Me Dave said...

Three more greedy parasites see their troughing opportunities ruined for all time. Who cares whether Broon was involved in the sting or not? Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

Jill said...

They went for 7 Labour MPs and 4 Tories. One assumes they all had a whiff about them and these were the 3 that bit most obviously. I don't know who the other ones were.

Captain Haddock said...

Jill : .. I know that moronic Margaret Moran, she of the long-term sick fiddle was another of 'em ..

hunkofjunk said...

I'm just loving the symmetry here and I hate to admit it, but a sneaking admiration for the way Brown has been patient and then kippered them. Obviously, the Dark Lord is probably behind it but Labour turning on themselves doesn't half cheer me up..... +3 to the long term unemployed.

TheBoilingFrog said...

You forgot Darling, who has 'betrayed' Brown. Is it any coincidence that this has happened just before the budget where Darling has called the shots and where bad news is imminent - against Brown's wishes.

2 birds etc...

Thats News said...

Brown is waiting for his revenge on Darling. "Just wait, Darling! When I am elected presdident, err... err {{jaw clunk}} prime minister, I will consign you to the oblivion of the back benches for ever!"

"Did you say something, Gordon?"

"No, Sarah. I was just practicing an important statement I will be making."