Old Holborn: having a busy week

What a busy week blogger, protester and celebrity mask-wearer Old Holborn is having.

First, he was involved in the Blogosphere's campaign to free Nick Hogan, the landlord convicted of .. err .. having people smoke in his pub when he wasn't even there. For fuck's sake.

Hogan was jailed because he couldn't pay the fines and costs slapped on him, but when the Blogosphere had raised the money, OH delivered the cash necessary to free the poor sod.

Then today, as the three most egregiously troughing MP's had their first day in court, OH and friends went down to shout encouragement. No, not encouragement for the fucking MP's, encouragement for the court. Hang those fuckers high.

CF couldn't make it today - pressure of work - but the TV cameras did. As the BBC entitled it:

"MPs Elliott Morley, David Chaytor and Jim Devine are jeered by crowds on leaving Westminster Magistrates Court"

Yeah. And how sweet it is to see.

And would you just look at the footage? People jeering, people shouting abuse. People waving protest banners, people wearing pig masks - no, wait, perhaps that's Elliot Morley.

Fast forward to 30 seconds in, and admire. Free speech, witty protest, in action.




Anonymous said...

CF 30th March Southwark Crown Court is another opportunity to protest.... see if you can get there.

That pig mask was a bastid to wear I may have to rethink my choice in porcine facial attire..

Yes OH has had a hugely busy week but also damned successful and he does deserve the media attention he's had... and more.

Sir Olly

Anonymous said...

There may have been less anger if these (and others) had been anything but lobby fodder.Just voting as directed but busy milking the system without troubling to represent their constituents.

The Filthy Engineer said...

I feel that the Blogosphere can really have fun in the next few weeks leading up to the general election. The MSM will need to catch up. especially that labour apologist, Nick robinson.

banned said...

Love the close up photos of these pigs, clearly they enjoy lots of taxpayer funded vino.

selsey.steve said...

It is so SWEET to see the troughers looking so sad!