Wikipedia fingers Uddin

Regular readers will be all too aware of CF's views on that thieving bitch Baroness Uddin, and his rage when all charges against her were dropped.

It would seem that CF is not alone. Spotted on Wikipedia (which of course, is always Gospel):

For the hard of seeing, the text reads

"Manzila Pôla Uddin, Baroness Uddin ... born 17 July 1959) is a British Labour politician and thief."

Yup. Perfect.

(Tip of the hat to Muffled Vociferation.)


banned said...

Too fucking true, thieving rancid old cunt.

Uncle Marvo said...

That's been there since day one of the scandal.

What I want to know is what Ms Manningham-Wotsit is going to do. The chap on R4 this morning said that she (Eliza) has dealt with harder people with more plausible stories (than Uddinbitch).

patently said...

She's to be interrogated by the ex-head of MI5, I hear.

Do they have the necessary facilities for waterboarding in the Lords?

Anonymous said...

It's been updated, she's now:

"a British Labour politician, community activist and a thief"