Still proud of the NHS?

Gordon Brown didn't actually invent the National Health Service. But he's very happy to claim credit for it on behalf of the Labour party.

It's one of his favourite political footballs: Broon loves to spin that those eeevil Tories would close it down the second they got into power, causing thousands to die in the streets, leaving the rich to step over their raddled corpses, whereas under his and Labour's tender care, it is just simply the most marvellous institution in the world, a cross between a 7 star hotel and a full-on miracle session at Lourdes.

We are told that the NHS is something that Labour are extremely proud of. And that we too should be proud, to live in such times, and to benefit from such a marvellous facility.

And Labour isn’t afraid to trot that line out as often as possible. No-one can recall last year’s #welovethenhs twitter campaign without stifling a yawn, and Broon makes it his business to waddle around the nation reminding us at frequent intervals.

In January, Broon informed the grateful nation that..

" is a testimony to the extraordinary work done by nurses, doctors and all NHS staff - backed up by the extra investment which has seen the health budget treble to almost £100 billion pounds a year - that ten years on the NHS is now more firmly than ever part of the fabric of British national life"

Notice how it's not just down to the NHS staff - no, it's also thanks to Gordo's 'investment'.

In February, Broon boasted about the..

"..unprecedented improvements we have delivered in our National Health Service over the past 12 years ... a second generation of better public services has been developed through increased investment, greater choice for service users..""

Again, it's thanks to Gordon and his lavish use of our money, isn't it?

So, CF can't help wondering who will be chosen to inform boastful Broon about this, the latest dismal failure of the NHS, where a man died of dehydration in hospital, despite repeatedly begging nurses for water. What? Yes.

Kane Gorny had been admitted for a hip replacement operation. Ignored by all the marvellous Angels and handsome-but-hardworking doctors, Gorny became so desperate for a drink that he actually 'phoned the police from his bed begging for help.

Astonishingly, the police - for once - actually turned up. But guess what? They were told by doctors everything was under control. Bowing to the medical staff's superior knowledge, they left, with Gorny still literally dying of thirst.

When Rita Cronin, Gorny's mother, saw him for the last time, after his operation, his condition had deteriorated.

“He was delirious and his mouth was open. I gave him a drink of Ribena. I told three nurses there was something wrong and they said, 'He's fine' and walked off.
"I started to cry and a locum doctor who was there told me not to worry. Eventually the ward doctor came round, took one look at Kane and started shouting for help.”

He died an hour later.

Truly, a national institution you can be proud of, eh Gordon?



JuliaM said...

Yet another #labourfail

Obnoxio The Clown said...

The NHS doesn't regard patients as customers. The NHS's customer is the government and the patients are merely stock in trade. The NHS regards patients with the same level of concern as Sainsbury's regards a can of beans: they won't go out of their way to damage it, but if one "dies", who really cares?

Simon Cooke said...

So why - still - no prosecutions?

Anonymous said...

Not sure how you can blame Gordon for incompetent staff that he couldn't sack even if he wanted to.

Hope we're not going to get another three months of bollocks like this.

Jill said...

I actually think they've improved it! It's better than it was in 1997, and by a long way too.

The real problem is how much money they've wasted (rather than properly directed) to achieve the improvements they've made. And that is truly terrifying.

Anonymous said...

I've had the misfortune to have been treated by the staff at St Georges in Tooting before.... I'd rather not endure again thanks.

But the hands down winners of the most incompotent hospital in London? St Thomas... by a long shot...

Getting lost in the NHS for 16 hours is no fun by any means... Especially after having been rushed in by ambulance...

Sir Olly

RantinRab said...

Yet more NHS failures

RantinRab said...

Anonymous said...

Not sure how you can blame Gordon for incompetent staff that he couldn't sack even if he wanted to.

Hope we're not going to get another three months of bollocks like this.

9 March 2010 15:17

I thought Gordon was the PM? The man at the top, the buck stops with him etc.

Anonymous said...

Brown equates money thrown at things to improvement. He probably thinks that the Medical records database which has ripped off the taxpayer to the tune of many billions (and still isnt ready) is an improvement. It's like being proud of paying 20k for a bog standard personal computer, which isnt quite ready to work yet. No doubt the providers of this system donated to the labout party.

Anonymous said...

I dread the day I have to end up in one of those death factories again.

The last time I was a "customer" the Neurosurgion I was eventually refered to explained:

"If you hadn't stood your ground against the incompetant doctors and nurses who insisted you get out of my bed and get mobile again, you would now be in a wheelchair."

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should read up on the true causes of NHS failures rather than sprouting this MSM bullshit.


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