You WHAT? You Uddin well WHAT?

The Queen of the Troughers, the biggest pig of all, Baroness Uddin, has got away with it. She will not face charges, it has been announced.

All together now: What?

What the fuck? What the flying, festering fuck? How? Why the fucking hell not?

Let's remind ourselves. This greedy, thieving bitch claimed 100 grand from the taxpayers by keeping an empty flat (unfurnished, never lived in, say neighbours) in Kent as her designated residence.

Because she claimed (falsely) that her main residence was outside London, Uddin also pocketed £174 every day she attended the Lords for the cost of accommodation in the capital.

Receipt? Not needed for Baronesses. Oh no

And just as fucking well: Baroness Uddin claimed a total of £29,675 for accommodation in 2007/8, a time when the maximum daily accommodation claim was £165 a day. Her bill represents a claim at the maximum possible rate for 179 days which is .. wait for it ..  more days than the Lords actually sat that year. Dear God.

Fraud upon fraud. She wasn't even smart enough to control her greed, and limit the number of claims she made to the maximum possible.

But it gets worse: the flat she really lived in was Social Housing - a council flat. The housing association receives a massive subsidy (again, from taxpayers) and can therefore keep the average rent for its properties at around a sixth of the market rate.

Even though she was not remotely entitled to Social Housing: she has a very nice income from a number of highly-remunerated directorships at major companies, including former ITV giant Carlton Television, and was a senior employee (and parliamentary consultant, ho ho) for the Excelcare nursing home group, for fuck's sake.

So why did she get on of these rare flats? Is it perhaps in any way related to the fact that no less than three of the people on the Board of Management of Spitalsfield Housing Association (who provide this dirt-cheap accommodation to the needy) also have the surname Uddin? Is it? Well of course it fucking well is.

Another piece of fucking blatant, who-cares-what-the-little-people-think fraud, right there.

And yet there's absolutely nothing, nothing at all, wrong with any of this, according the CPS. They can't pin anything at all on her.

She's done nothing wrong at all? The bitch can keep our money? She can keep her susidised council flat?

Baroness Uddin is an untouchable, is she?

Oh, for fucks sake.

++ update ++ : who else noticed that this news was carefully 'released' at exactly the same moment as the British Airways strike was announced? The tweets, the SMS's appeared side-by-side. Funny, that...

++ update 2 ++ According to Paul Waugh, "MI5 chief Eliza Manningham-Buller to investigate Baroness Uddin re exes, the Clerk of Parliaments announces." Fucking great.



JohnRS said...

Untouchable indeed ...and we all know why, but if we say so we'll be hauled up on some sort of charge, won't we?.

Unknown said...

What a fucking farce! John R may not say it but I fucking will...she's a woman and a muslim and a different colour to mine. There I said it, taint me as misogynist, racist or any other 'ist' you can think of! I like people, no matter their religion or tendancies, I take as I find, and I find this bitch wanting!

Anonymous said...

And *still* you Libertarians whine about the BNP.

Give me fucking strength !!

watching said...

Aah but. She is actually being paid to destroy the house of lords from within.
Think about it.
If the Gorgon or Mandy decide to do away with the second chamber that is full of thieving pigs because it is not in the 'party interest' to have the Lords fucking things up, who in this country is going to argue against it once it's 'proved' to be populated by people like Uddin?

Once closed it means that the gorgons own den of thieves becomes absolute and the thieving can really kick into gear.

Follow the money.

Old Holborn said...


To a Libertarian, we are all equal. Every single one of us.

If the system chooses to treat people differently, then the system needs to be changed. Which is what we want.

now fuck off

Anonymous said...

You are all howwid, howwid wacists.

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised? It was a dead cert that she wouldn't be charged. Is this an example of McDoom and Harriet's "A fair Britain for all"?

If she was going to be charged it would have been announced long before now. The procrastination told you that she wasn't going to be charged.

Anonymous said...

On the basis that she's been vindicated, can we assume that she will continue to claim full HoL expenses, live in subsidised accomodation, rarely (if ever) visit her main residence and generally take the piss?
If she's so certain that she's done nothing wrong, she'll also have the gall to continue ripping off the tax payer.
Is it worth trying a private prosecution as a tax payer. Even if she get's off with it, at least she would have to explain herself in court.

Martin S said...

Makes you Uddin-well sick.

FreddyF said...

Old Holborn said...
now fuck off
12 March 2010 11:52

That must include me then as well. Shame, I quite liked your blog.

Dave H said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave H said...

Unfortunately a few of the more provocative comments here aren't purely the product of racist-paranoia-filled minds. A judge recently said this to the Times:

“You might have a pregnant woman or an ethnic-minority offender who has run into trouble with a police officer but is otherwise of good record. That’s where the judge comes into his or her own — with good character, you would suspend a sentence. But you can’t write these things down.”

He’s clearly saying that under the same circumstances he would have sent a white guy to prison. He’d naturally keep to himself the fact that the offenders colour had counted against him. Straight from the horses mouth.

I wonder if this could be the reason: I think that certain ethnic minorites are over-represented in prison. That must really upset a PC-obsessed government. Perhaps, like with the police and Stop and Search, they decided to give the judges a quota: if they began imprisoning white people disproportionately the figures would start to look better.

Jill said...

Well, given the kajillions of other greedy, venal, lying, cheating, incompetent twerps that have equally got away with it, I don't really see what being Asian, a woman, or Muslim has to do with it.

But bah nonetheless.

Uncle Marvo said...

OH said: now fuck off.

I concur.

And jail the bitch.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Starmer has got this right- private prosecution anybody? I'll chip in.

Lion of England said...


selsey.steve said...

Well, the Baroness is a toffee-tinctured, split-arsed, mohammedan, Labour peer. That's five fucking aces, it's a hand which can't be beat.

Er ... FIVE aces???

still voice said...

well here we see the white middle class queing up to condem one that is not their own.

Because she is a woman, her faults are magnified. IF only she were a white man, you would be looking elsewhere I think.

paulo said...

'still voice' you are wrong. It's not because she is a woman, it's because she comes from a culture in which fraud is like eating your curry with a chapati.

Other than that she's no different to all the other thieving bastards in the House next door.

Why am I not surprised she is not being prosecuted?


sacredspring said...

There's no need to grease the fat pig's rump.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll send her a packet of bacon with the comment 'Since you're such a greedy pig at the trough - have some of the real thing'.

I've always considered myself fair & judged peple on how they are, not what they are i.e. white or black, Muslim or Christan but our current Criminal Injustice System mkes a mockery of that - non-white, female, Muslim, one of Labour's own - yes, you've won the jackpot - rip off the taxpayers as much as you like....

Still voice - you're wrong, it's not the white middle classes lining up to decry her behaviour. It's the poor impoverished taxpayers of all classes & all colours & creeds who are being taxed within an inch of their lives to pay for crooks like this. I'm an immigrant here myself & I think she should be in jail.

My Thoughts My Country said...

Of All the troughers I thought she would be charged with fraud. It was so blatent.

I cannot believe she has got away with it.

What a f farce.

Ade said...

Does this decision have something to do with the Euromed agreement.

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