New Labour, New Targets

With the Badger's Bye-Bye Budget hot off the presses, various Government departments have been busy writing about what it means for them. The Department of Communities and Local Government understands what they have to do. There'll be changes. Oh yes:

"The Budget commits the government to delivering radical freedoms and flexibilities for local agencies. All local councils in England will benefit from the removal of at least 10 per cent of the current National Indicator set"

Total fucking gobbledy-gook, of course. What are they actually saying?

They're saying that they're now committed to the removal of some of the 'National Indicator Set'. What the fuck is that? Well, folks, it's fancy, never-done-a-proper-day's-work-speak for ... Targets.

Now, targets are a terrible, terrible thing, as CF wrote just the other day, so this ain't all bad.

So what are they going to do again?

Oh yes. They're committing to remove 'at least 10 per cent' of them. That's their goal. Their ... errr ... target.

So, they're announcing a TARGET to remove at least 10 per cent of TARGETS.

You. Could. Not. Make. This. Shit. Up.

(Sharp eyes, that Mark Wadsworth)


Tom Mein said...

Must say that some of your latest postings have been outstanding. The holidays obviously have worked.

Captain Haddock said...

New Labour + New Targets = New Fuck-Ups (and more of 'em) ..