Bored? Got a printer?

Time hanging heavy at work (or indeed at home) today? Wish there was something else to pass the time other than surfing the web and reading all those tedious blogs?

Just print out the picture below and cut out the isolated diamond. Now lay it on one of the top row of diamonds. Now move it to the one of the diamonds in the middle row. Now to the bottom row. Notice anything?

That's got you baffled, hasn't it, you credulous simpleton?


Angry Exile said...

Notice anything?

Well, I've got a diamond shaped hole in the paper.

Barking Spider said...

You really are bored today, CF, aren't you? ;-)

Joe Public said...

Should I use a colour printer, or, a black 'n white printer?

John Pickworth said...

Bloody hell!

We have Pier's mate Gordon printing Pounds and now you're urging us all to print diamonds?

Where will it all end?