Reach for your chequebooks, you thieving bastards.

It may, at last, be payback time for some of our troughing MP's, when Sir Thomas Legg finally publishes his report.

Don't hold your breath though. Sir Thomas sent out letters to MPs in October last year- more than 4 months ago - detailing his requests for repayment, and still these troughing bastards continue to wriggle.

More than half of MP's have already been told that they should pay large sums of money, that they effectively stole, back to us. The stories, and the ever-changing numbers, have been published so many times that we could all be forgiven for having grown utterly bored of the whole fucking thing, and completely lost track of exactly who owes what, and who it is who's going to pay anything back.

We all know that Jacqui Smith, one of the most egregious troughers of the fucking lot, has already been told she won't have to pay back the tens of thousands of taxpayers cash that she fraudulently scooped up. The lucky sow. Great to have friends in high places, isn't it? That should make your coming richly-deserved and lengthy unemployment easier to bear, eh?

And her fellow MP's are squirming and squealing frantically too. More than 70 MP's have decided that they, like Jacqui, should be able to keep their trotters on the money we gave them, and have appealed against Sir Tom's ruling.

Because if there's one thing everyone in Westminster agrees upon, it's that none of this is the MP's fault. Oh no.

According to the inevitable leaks to the BBC, Sir Tom will criticise a "culture of deference" which made it "difficult for officials to query or challenge their [MP's] claims."

In other words, our beloved 646, to ensure the continued flow of unearned cash into their coffers, fell back on one of the oldest tricks in the fraudsters' book: the 'do you know who I am' bluster.

If some upstart official tries to tell you that you can't have thousands of pounds to give to your sister, or to sort out your tennis court, draw yourself up to your full height, and - raising your voice - let them know just how important and entitled you are.

And now, now it's payback time, they're not going to come quietly. They're appealing, and protesting and pontificating. Not one of the theiving gits is going to hand over a fucking penny unless they're made to.

Apparently, according to Auntie Beeb:

"Gordon Brown urged MPs to pay up and said he would consider withdrawing the whip from those Labour MPs who did not."

Really? Wow. That must have the Labour troughers trembling in their taxpayer-funded Gucci loafers. That must have put the fucking fear of God into those bastards.

A man they despise, a man they won't be working for in a few weeks time, a man who will by the end of this year probably be in either a secondary school staff room or a lunatic asylum, is 'urging' them to hand over shitloads of what they consider to be their cash?

And if they don't? Well, if they don't, a party that will no longer be in Government in a few weeks time, a party that by 2015 will only be known to students studying politics, is going to 'consider' withdrawing the whip? Well, boo hoo.

If CF had the choice between coughing up thousands and receiving a weak slap on the wrist, he'd be holding out his hand in eager anticipation.

Clearly, it's not just the scapegoat expenses officials who show a 'culture of deference', eh?



David said...

The simplest and easiest thing is to spoil your ballot paper come election time. The only thing more depressing than Cameron winning is Broon winning- I'd rather get repeatedly raped by a broom handle than have either of those fuckwits running, sorry, ruining the country.

zeonglow said...

@David - or vote Lib Dem; that's got to be better than drawing a cock and two balls on your ballot paper, no?

Captain Haddock said...

I don't just want to see the thieving bastards either voluntarily or compelled to pay back what they've stolen from us .. I want to see them punished .. in just the same as we all would be if the situation were reversed ..

You can bet your life that if you or I stole from an MP we could expect Prison time to swiftly follow ..

Sorry Zeonglow ... I'd sooner gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon than vote Limp Dem .. and I won't be voting ZaNuLiebore or Conswervative either ..

I think the words .. "None of the above listed thieves & liars" written across the ballot paper quite apt ..

Jill said...

Sad indictment though it is, I shall also be spoiling my ballot paper.

And as for these revolting MPs - they make my skin crawl.

David said...

zeonglow, I haven't decided if I will vote LibDem yet. They have their own fair share of crooks and criminals too- including several councillors who've been convicted of electoral fraud- so I'm not convinced they're better.

Captain Haddock, I quite agree. If you nick ten grand in benefits you go straight to prison, but if you nick £1.3m you're entitled to keep your job, pension and livelihood.

Robespierre had the right idea.

Joe Public said...

Bill Rammell had not a single expenses claim, from Apr 2004 to Feb 2008 inclusive, accepted in its entirity.

Guess what? All the errors were in his favour!

Anonymous said...


Wrong: if you nick ten grand in benefits you go straight to prison.

Probably wouldn't get nick for 30 grand

Anonymous said...

Why not go the whole hog(s) like Mr and Mrs Andrew Mackay and might as well rip the country off for 170k for none existent second homes and blankets at 100 quid a piece?