How did Gordon do?

CF is currently cavorting carefree in the snows of the Italian alps. There is no internet access, and no television - and a damn good thing too that is.

However, it does mean that CF has not been able to watch the much-heralded, widely touted, world famous Gordon Brown interview earlier today.

Did you gasp, at the roller-coaster excitement, the 'will he, won't he?' agonies of the Blair years?

Did you dab your eyes, and sob quietly as Brown described how the British economy 'died in his arms'?

Did you laugh with the cheerful Browns, chortling as they described how funny little Milliband is, with his bananas?

Will you, in short, now be voting Labour out of pure, undiluted sympathy 'n' empathy ? After all, that was the idea.

Let CF know in the comments - they arrive by email, and he can read them when Mrs CF is not looking.



the man who fell back to bed said...

if you had no idea who gordon brown was or of the political history of this country, you might be excused for thinking he came across quite well.

anyone with even a passing knowledge of the cursed son of the manse might be forgiven for thinking he came across as a hypocritical lying tosser of the highest water... and wheeling out teflon tone and lord mandy of boys to say nice things about him through gritted teeth was ridiculous in the extreme when you consider the stories that have gone around for quite some time regarding them.

and as someone (I forget who - could even have been you CF) said after seeing this - very telling that by his own admission the first thing he does following joh smiths death is phone tony to divvy up the leadership. now why would his pr mob let him say that in this setting? it's not like itv andpiers werent in their pocket and wouldnt have let them edit it.

as for some of the lines - trying to describe him as some sort of political genius and the saviour of the world - who are you trying to kid?

Headache said...

I'm not gonna watch this cock-jockey weirdo spew some sentimental bullshit.
He's spent 13 years wrecking the fucking country!
Books will be written on how much of a fucking disaster he and his party have been.

The only programme I may watch is the live debate where hopefully in the absence of planted pissant PMQ questions and a partisan fuckstick speaker, Brown will get his ass well and truly handed to him.

I like the dailymash take: