Dave grows a pair

Could it be? Is it possible? Yes, it does seem that, somehow, David 'CallMeDave' Cameron has woken up to feel his silken boxer shorts somewhat tighter than normal. Yup, prompted by the threat of a hung parliament, Dave has grown a pair.

The buttered new potato (copyright: everyone) has attacked history's worst Prime Minister, Gordon McBroon, in such strong terms that even the normally completely, utterly, totally non-biased and even-handed BBC has been stung into action; and in turn described CMD as 'audacious'. Fuckin' 'ell, the spinners must be worried.

So, what's got him so mad then? Who rattled Dave's cage? What could possibly have driven Dave to this attack?

Oh, just one of those petty Westminster squabbles, a trivial ... what? ... wait ... hang on a fucking minute. No it isn't.

Dave's a little irritated - as should all of us be - that the three Labour MPs - Elliot Morley, Jim Devine and David Chaytor – who were charged with expenses fraud have decided - or rather, been advised by Labour's legal experts - to try to use parliamentary privilege to protect themselves.

Let's just put that a little more clearly: these thieving bastards stole thousands of pounds and now claim to be untouchable because they're MP's. What?.

Just fuck right off, will you? In fact, fuck off, then come back and fuck off again.

And what's made the Jersey Royal mad is that - surprise, surprise - the idiot clinging to the levers of power, our beloved PM is doing ... errr ... precisely fuck all about this.

But over to CallMeDave:

"Look how he tolerates the disgusting sight of Labour MPs taking parliamentary privilege, designed to help MPs fight for their constituents; for truth and justice; and abuse it in order to save their skins and avoid prosecution for fraud and wrongdoing"

Cameron believes Gordon Brown is to blame for - as usual - failing to act decisively over the issue.

".. Brown is a shameless defender of the old order ... he is just not capable of dealing with the post-expenses reform that is necessary."

And Dave has yet more..

“Even worse, it’s been reported that the Labour Party’s official solicitor is providing the three MPs with legal advice. At the very least, Gordon Brown should immediately clarify whether the Labour Party is paying for that and withdraw the whip from these shameless Labour MPs."

It's not often CF finds himself in complete agreement with CallMeDave, but on this occasion, he's sure gettin' it said.

“We cannot have five more years of his old politics. For the health of our democracy it is now essential that this shameless defender of the old elite goes as soon as possible.”

Fucking right. Shame it's probably going to be this very same potato that takes over later this year, but a least he's showing some hunger for the prize.

Hit 'im again, Dave.



manwiddicombe said...

If the law is changed so that can't use Parliamentary Privilege does that imply that they could have used it as an adequate defence?

If that is the case, however wrong that might be, are we really in favour of changing laws and applying the new conditions retroactively?

Captain Haddock said...

As Winston Churchill once said of Clem Atlee .. "An empty Taxi pulled up and out got Clem Atlee" ...

Much the same could be said about Cameroon ... A drain on the ration strength ..

Uncle Marvo said...

Good one Haddock.

Wish CMD had old Churchill's wit, panache, presence, passion for cigars ...

Anonymous said...

@Manwiddicombe: Why not? NuLiebour do it themselves, why should they not get a taste of it?

Don't Call Me Dave said...

CMD’s call for the Labour whip to be removed from these 3 Labour MPs would be a bit more convincing if he removed the whip from Tory Lord Hanningfield.

Captain Haddock said...

I don't know about removing the Whip .. personally, I'm all in favour of applying the Cat o' nine tails to the lot of the thieving buggers ..

JuliaM said...

I don't think the British public will make the destinction come polling day - I think MPs of all parties will get a well deserved kicking.

So CMD's actions are too little, too late, as usual...

JuliaM said...

Still, it is nice to see that force the Brownites to scramble to withdraw the whip in advance of his statement!

David said...

JuliaM, the public won't differentiate because they are all troughing fuckers, whether they're red, blue or yellow.

CMD's just lucky that- for once- Labour are criminally troughing, rather than just troughing. Don't forget it was a Tory Boy who wanted us to buy his duck pond.

microdave said...

"Hit 'im again, Dave."

Oh, don't do that, he will start crying again....

manwiddicombe said...

@Anonymous Why not? NuLiebour do it themselves, why should they not get a taste of it?





It doesn't matter whether a Labour, Tory, Lib Dem, Green, BNP, LPUK or UKIP government retroactively changes the law it can never be right.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget it was good old Labour stalwart Tam- Fucking- Dayell , Father of the cuntin House, who wanted Hard working Families to pay £18,000 for his antique Bookcase !

Snowolf said...

How times have changed. A Tory leader accusing a Labour PM of being a defender of the old elite.

Cameron needs to be careful about chucking rocks over this, I have a feeling we've not seen the last of the criminal charges.

Also interesting to note the differences in approach. Labour blub and the Tories come out looking for a scrap. At least there's some difference between them then.