Troughers II - Judgement Day ++UPDATED++

Today could be a very good day. Although not for six people in the Westminster area.

Finally, at last, prosecutors are due to reveal whether they intend to bring criminal charges against six MPs and peers over their expenses claims. Oh yes. About fucking time.

Police handed files on the six - whose names are so far unconfirmed - to the Crown Prosecution Service late last year, and later this morning the Director of Public Prosecutions willl make a statement, and name names.

The names are unconfirmed, but rumours are rife.

And guess what? Virtually all of the whispered 'names in the frame' are Labour names: well, what a fucking surprise.

As ever, as soon as a fucking Socialist gets into a position of influence, they suddenly forget all about the redistribution of weath, and all that " each according to his needs" bollocks, and start to frantically line their own grubby pockets.

Surely Eliot Morely is on the list. That bastard even looks like a pig that's overdone it at the ol' trough once too often. This is the man who somehow 'forgot' he'd paid off his mortage (with our money, of course) and carried on claiming cash for 18 months for something he was no longer paying for. He claims his innocence, but has bottled out of facing his constituents, and will be standing down at the next election.

Labour MP David Chaytor must also be on the list. Like Morely - a stunning co-incidence - Chayor also failed to notice that we'd paid off his mortgage, and carried on helping himself to our money. Like Morley, Chaytor is not prepared to face the wrath of the voters come the election, and will be standing down.

Labour MP Jim Devine could well be one of the scrounging six. Certainly his local party in Livingston think so - they didn't wait for PC Plod: they've deselected the chiselling git already.

And last, but by absolutely no means least, comes the Queen Pig. The spiritual leader of the troughers. The greediest, most dishonest fucking thief of the lot. Yup, its Pola, sorry, Baroness Uddin. Please let her be one of the six. Please.

This thieving bitch really, really takes the biscuit. All of the biscuits, in fact, along with the plate, the solid silver coffee pot, the cream jug and anything else that's not been nailed down.

She has still failed to provide any proof that a house outside London, which enabled her to claim over 180,000 pounds in expenses, even exists. For years, she has claimed expenses for living in Kent, and for travelling into London, and for staying overnight in London, whilst all the time living in a heavily subsidised Housing Association flat in .. err .. London.

CF is not generally a believer in the BNP line "send 'em back where they came from", but he's willing to make an exception in the Baroness's case.

If Baroness Uddin can be compelled to return to her huge, vulgar mansion in Bangladesh - having first returned every fucking penny she stole, and relinquished her undeserved ermine- then we'll all be a fuck sight better off.

Piss off, Pola.

++ UPDATE ++  Gotcha! MP for Scunthorpe Elliott Morley, Bury North MP David Chaytor and Livingston's Jim Devine all to be charged, as well as Lord Hanningfield, leader of Essex County Council. RESULT!

No word yet on Udders though. Keep watching ...



Captain Haddock said...

Like you CF .. I hope with every fibre of my being that this comes to pass ..

But I'm certainly not holding my breath .. Keir Starmer is a sneaky, weaselly bastard & I wouldn't be in the least surprised at him finding some convenient excuse to circumvent this from happening ..

They'd have to either send 'em all down .. or none of 'em ..

As for Uddin, I reckon she's got the best chance of all to escape prosecution .. she'll simply play her magic "Islamic" get-out-of-jail-free card ..

Bristol Dave said...

I don't think she's even going to have to play the islamic card:

David said...

If any of them end up in prison I'll eat my hat. Starmer's a slimebag, always has been and always will be. If he can protect his slimeball paymasters he will do.

Good to see Uddin get away with it yet again. I wonder why these Labopur peers from other countries keep getting away with it. At least Uddin didn't kill anyone, unlike Lord Ahmed.

Captain Haddock said...

Yeah .. but the bastards have only been Summonsed to appear .. they haven't been convicted yet & I doubt they will be ..

I read about Chav Scumbags getting away with all manner of offences in my local paper every week, on the weak, pathetic mitigating circumstances paraded before the Court by tuppeny-ha'penny local Solicitors ..

These people can afford clever, well-heeled & devious QC's ..

Anonymous said...

About time.

Anonymous said...

And I'm not holding my breath until the announcement that in all the cases involving Labour MP's the case will be dropped as "not being in the public interest" or an "error" will be found. The Tory peer is toast, trial set for the run up to the Election.

Anonymous said...

CF you seem to forget that most of them are trained solicitors/lawyers - we have had government by solicitors for much too long! This is why the country is is such a bad state.