Don't let bullies get away with it

We all realise that Gordon Brown is a nasty, obsessive, power-crazed bully. We guessed that long ago.

We also know that, in spite of the current media storm, he will - as usual - get clean a-fucking-way with it. These latest accusations will no more stick or damage than any of the hundreds of other negative-but-true stories we've heard about this idiot over the years.

With an army of spin-doctors, and a horde of scared-but-sycophantic MP's bigging him up, Brown will continue lying, blustering and evading the truth right up until the removal van - or, please god, the police van - backs into Downing Street.

And in fact, while we've all been giggling about whether Gordon really does throw 'phones and man-handle staff, he continues to be our unelected PM and to fuck the country up in his usual ferociously deluded way.

As with many bullies, the endless discussion around motives, actions and effects clouds the analysis of what the bully actually is, and what else he actually does.

Roert Maxwell was a famous bully, and managed to continue with his massive frauds for far longer as a result. Many bullies bully precisely because they want to cover up dishonesty or incompetence.

This bullying is a sideshow, distracting from bigger issues. John Redwood suggests some rather more important questions, paraphrased here by CF, that have never been answered.

So Gordon, never mind your unpleasant character. Let's hear...

Why did you tax pension funds, and why are so few private sector funds now open for new members?

Why did you sell gold at the bottom of the market?

Why did you get so little improved service for all the billions you gave to public services in the last ten years?

Why did you allow such a huge build up of public debt before the Crunch?

Why have you presided over a higher rate of inflation than target on average?
Why did you put so much money at risk in state supported banks, when there were cheaper options available to get us through the crisis?

Why has the balance of payments been so weak on your watch?

Why has manufacturing output fallen under Labour?

Why has the UK economy grown so little since 1997?

Why did the UK economy stay in recession for longer than other major economies , and why is it so far making such a weak recovery, if all the actions you took - and boast about - were right?

To be quite honest, Gordy, we might be prepared to overlook a little bit of shouting 'n' shoving, if you'd actually done any of the things you tried to do properly.

But you didn't, did you? Everything you did, you fucked up.

Why, Gordon?



Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

The spin operation is quite impressive CF - even Pravda have dragged Toenails from his crypt and 3 blog posts have been issued in quick succession.

Perhaps if the Prime Mentalist had given Sarah one of these then he wouldn't be such a bully?

Jill said...

I concur.

I think he's a bully - we've had enough leaks for it to be no smoke without fire really, ain't we? I think that bully helpline woman has outrageously abrogated her responsibility towards the bullied people that use her "confidential" service.

But none of that stuff is truly pertinent to a forthcoming election. Let's vote on policies, future and past, not personalities.

Leg-iron said...

He still thinks he's in with a shout of winning. The scary part is, the Cameroids are looking so similar that he might be.

A future fail for all. Either way.

subrosa said...

Right enough CF, bullies bully in order to cover their inadequacies. They're eventually found out in the end, but of course Brown knows where the bodies are buried, so it's taking longer.

As Jill says it's obvious to anyone with half a brain that he's a bully yet folk will vote for this distasteful individual.

JuliaM said...

It's been most amusing to see the left wing sites either ignore the story completely, announce that it's all a Tory plot, savage the whistleblower or fall back on arguing about whether this really fits the strict definition of 'bullying'.

In other words, employing all the usual tactics the left rely on when the mask slips...

Uncle Marvo said...

Never forget you have a choice.

You can vote for a cunt or a wanker, seems a good and varied choice to me.

Or you can vote for someone you've never heard of and who hasn't bothered to start a campaign yet either, even though the data has been on the cards for eons.

Let me know if I sound despondent yet. Because I am.

Don't suppose anyone's in London Town Wednesday afternoon and wants to get pissed? Promise not to complain.