A Liddle bit more

A busy day today: Mrs. CF's birthday, and gifts to give, places to go, lunches to eat.

In the meantime, Rod Liddle can speak on behalf of CF, as he appears to have similar views on the endless growth of the 'anti'-industry. Anti-Racism, anti-sexism and now, anti-bullying:

"It is almost impossible to stop these ‘antis’ from expanding, from almost unlimited aggrandisement. Public sector industries are set up to fight iniquities and become iniquities in themselves, having captured the zeitgeist and, more often than not, the legislature too.

They spread their wings, they claim more and more territory until we all accept that one in three of us are disabled, when we’re clearly not, one in three of us are gay, when we’re clearly not; bullying ceases to be this awful thing which spoils the lives of vulnerable and blameless individuals and becomes instead this business which happens to everyone, when clearly it does not.

And as these public sector industries expand, sucking in ever larger sums of charitable donations and taxpayer’s money, they simply cannot be gainsaid, in public; because we are all against bullying, racism, sexism and discrimination against the disabled. Even when the definitions of each ‘ism’ have long since mutated beyond recognition from what was originally intended and have become an end in themselves."

CF doesn't always agree with Rod Liddle, but in this case, he's gettin' it said.



Joe Public said...

Could be because "Anti" organisations qualify for a grant, or, are perceived as a Minority, and so get other government (Taxpayers) support?

Jill said...

I concur.