Has Labour nobbled the Daily Mail?

Like everyone else in the English-speaking world, that tendentious rag the Daily Mail takes a view on the 'Gordon Brown is a bully' story. However, their view is ... errr .... somewhat 'surprising'

"This paper has frequently criticised Gordon Brown for many things - for his obsessive belief that the state can solve all our problems, for presiding over a reckless orgy of public spending and for allowing the greatest influx of immigration in this island's history without any debate."

Yeah, well that's all good. So have we all. The man's a fucking idiot.

"But amid the mounting hysteria over the Prime Minister's alleged bullying and temper tantrums we would ask if the chattering classes and the BBC have lost their sense of perspective."

What? Mounting hysteria? From a paper that every single fucking day whips up all sorts of Middle Class, Little-Englander hysteria about the cost of petrol, the EU, food additives and the Polish?

And are these accusations, that Brown is a physical and mental bully, not worth our attention? Are there more important things we should be told about him, like his lovely wife and tragically deceased baby, for fucks sake?

"Is there any head of a vast corporation faced with the kind of problems Mr Brown has to deal with who couldn't be accused of occasionally losing his temper and shouting at subordinates?"

Well, yes there fucking well is. There might not be in the tiny, self-regarding world of the dead tree media, but elsewhere organisations are run without the hurling of mobile 'phones and temporary staff across the room.

"Of course no-one condones bullying. But Mr Brown is running a country facing awesome problems, not running a youth club."

'Awesome'? Wow, awesome. Lest ye forget, Daily Mail, the one-eyed son of the Manse created all these problems you find so 'awesome', and appears to be totally, utterly incapable of remedying a single one of 'em.

But is that a justification for picking up Civil Servants and shaking them like rats? Probably not.

"Nor should it be forgotten that the Observer, the newspaper that broke the story, has an expensive relaunch to promote, while its journalist Andrew Rawnsley, who made the allegations, has a book to sell."

Well miaow. Whereas the Daily Mail, presumably, is a registered charity, running this little comment piece for the greater good, is it?

"As for reports that several members of No 10 staff complained to a bullying hotline, ye Gods, what kind of wimps work at No 10 these days?"

Perhaps the kind of 'wimps' who are reacting to the kind of workplace behaviour that you fuckwits would be among the first to condemn if it happened elsewhere - in one of those eeevil banks, for example.

What the fuck? All that pro-Broon bollocks, in the Daily Mail? Has Nick Robinson taken up a job there?

Who the fuck has been 'got at' here, and what the fuck have they been promised?

(tip of the hat to Furor Teutonicus, saving CF the need to actually read the Daily Mail)


Anonymous said...

elsewhere organisations are run without the hurling of mobile 'phones and temporary staff across the room.

Now you're just being silly.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah - and if you read the comments here:


It seems Dacre is buddies with Broon!

mungle said...

Sounds as if the editor has been throwing his weight around (literally)? In which case behaving like Basil Fawlty is sort of ok and understandable.

chefdave said...

I'm with the Mail on this one, sorry CF.

I would quite happily vote in a telephone throwing, temp shaking bully if I thought he get the country straightened out.

The bully bit is largely irrelevent, I just want someone who can run the country properly. This is what counts and its where Brown has been a consistent failure.

Those people who he's supposedly bullied need to get a grip and stop playing the victim. If you don't like your job then change it.

Anonymous said...

chefdave, I'm so glad I don't work for a cunt like you. Did you receive your training at the Gordon Ramsey Academy?