Stunning hypocrisy, and I mean stunning [RPT]

Baroness Uddin was already a strong candidate for trougher of the year, following revelations that she'd claimed 100 grand from the taxpayers by keeping an empty flat (unfurnished, never lived in, say neighbours) in Kent as her designated residence.

But it gets worse: according to Andrew Gilligan, in the Evening Standard the flat she really lived in was Social Housing - a council flat. The housing association receives a massive subsidy (again, from taxpayers) and can therefore keep the average rent for its properties at around a sixth of the market rate.

Gilligan goes on:

"However, even without her allowances from the Lords, Baroness Uddin, 49, is well above the income bracket to qualify for social housing. She has held a number of highly-remunerated directorships at major companies, including former ITV giant Carlton Television, and was a senior employee and parliamentary consultant for the Excelcare nursing home group"

So not short of a bob or too then? Oh, but there's more:

"Because she claims her main residence is outside London, Lady Uddin is also entitled to collect up to £174 every day she attends the Lords for the cost of accommodation in the capital. The amount is paid to peers without the need to produce receipts and many claim the maximum every day they attend.

Baroness Uddin claimed a total of £29,675 for accommodation in 2007/8, a time when the maximum daily accommodation claim was £165 a day. Her bill represents a claim at the maximum possible rate for 179 days, more days than the Lords actually sat that year"

And, just when CF thought he could not be more dear-god-i'm-going-to-die enraged, this quote, from the trougher herself, (Hat tip to the Ranting King Penguin) came to light:

“My Lords, does my noble friend accept that our policy on homeless families impacts greatly on those who are waiting on the list? Is she aware that about 25,000 families are on the waiting list in east London?"

Why don't you free one up, you grasping bitch?

UPDATE: Old Holborn is behind this great idea: check it now before its taken down.

UPDATE 2: Beautiful Garden just posted this over at Guido's: Spitalsfield Housing Association (the organisation providing this dirt-cheap accommodation to the needy) Board of Management contains:

  • Ala Uddin - Vice-Chair
  • Faruque Uddin - Housing Officer
  • Abdus Uddin - Assistant Maintenance Officer
Complete co-incidence, and no relation, surely?


[Look back in anger while CF enjoys his holiday]


Unknown said...

It's been taken down from Ebey CF, great wheeze though.

Mike Spilligan said...

IMHO Uddin should have had her ermine collar felt before the "House of Commons 3"; but I suppose that she comes under J Smith Rules - say "sorry" as though you mean it, and we're all square.

matthew hopkins said...

It really does boil my piss! when is someone going to just say no to this troughing hag of a "holier than thou" "i'm entitled to it" drain on the public purse.

apoplectic with rage does even come close.

Uddin just fuck off and die somewhere.

Stonyground said...

I am beginning to understand what caused the carnage at the French Revolution.

AndrewSouthLondon said...

Notice 21 of the 26 named individuals on the management or board of Spitalfields Housing association are ethnic presumed muslim. Shouldn't it be correctly named The Islamic Housing Association Or the "Lords Housing Association"?