MP's to vote for vote on how we vote. Huh?

Yes, our esteemed MPs will today vote on whether we should vote on how we are going to vote.

You might have thought that, in the teeth of a disastrous recession, in the midst of broken Britain and in the depths of an unwinnable war - a war that has now killed more soldiers than we lost in the Falklands - there might be better things for MP's to spend their time on.

But of course, if you thought that, you'd be forgetting the utter, naked desperation of Gordon Brown and his team to cling on to power.

Not to 'do the right thing' or to 'help hardworking families'. No. Just to remain in Government, like a fat Pekinese on its favourite velvet cushion. To keep sucking on the teat of privilege and power, and to continue driving and directing this unfortunate country on its long, spiraling journey down the shitter.

Parliament's reputation is at an all-time low. Greedy, self-interested MP's have been caught with their grubby trotters in the till. Some of them are still protesting that they've done no wrong, even some of the those who have felt not the Hand of Destiny but the Hand of PC Plod on their shoulders.

So, yes, reform. Yes, change. But not this, for Christ's sake. Not this total waste of time and energy. Not this feeble piece of politicking

This is just another blatant attempt by Broon to create more of his beloved, artificial 'dividing lines'. The fuckwit simply cannot make himself or his party look good, so just has to settle with trying to make his opposition look bad.

He's on his metaphorical hands and knees, scraping up all the tiny, tiny pieces of shit he can find, in a desperate attempt to make a large enough turd to hurl at his sworn enemy, Cameron.

And this is all going nowhere. There's no time left for this woeful Government. Even Labour backbenchers know this nonsense is not going to make it into law. It's not even going to be properly debated. A distraction. A ruse. A pathetic and needless gesture. Regardless of your views on Constitutional Reform, now really is not the time for this pointless showboating.

Anyway, if you're so fucking keen on a Referendum, Gordon, where the fuck is the one you promised us on Europe? Remember? In that litany of cynical lies and broken promises you called a Manifesto. Where's that Referendum?

There has long been a criminal offence out there in the 'real world', the offence of 'Wasting police time'.

There should be a similar offence, punishable by sacking and refused further employment as an MP, of Wasting Parliament's Time. Wasting our overpaid MP's time. Wasting everyone's time.

The arrests could begin today.



Captain Haddock said...

I would have thought that McFuckwit already had sufficient turds to throw at anyone ..

There's Mandelturd, Militurd, Harturd, Strawturd, Turd Balls (x 2) .. shall I go on ?

Just like the Pekingese, McFuckwit is fat, lazy, spiteful, ugly as sin & ultimately of fuck-all use to anyone ..

Furor Teutonicus said...

A distraction. A ruse. A pathetic and needless gesture. Regardless of your views on Constitutional Reform, now really is not the time for this pointless showboating.

Aye, exactly.

So WHAT are they going to try and slide under the carpet whilst we are all supossed to be in raptures watching THIS litle trick?

Angry Exile said...

This is something I'm trying to find time to blog on in detail, particularly the reasons why it won't do what he says he wants but but well do what the cunt probably wants but hasn't said publicly. The short of it is that the cyclopean horror of Downing Street is talking about aping the Australian system, and let me tell you that after a few years here I've come to the conclusion that it's no better than First Past The Post and in some ways worse. Mary Riddell was wittering on about how it'll get rid of ultra safe seats but the reality here is that there are plenty of rock solid safe seats for the main parties. I know of at least two seats that are solid Labor and have been for a century.

What it can do is ultimately make some seats safer because of where the second preferences go. In the UK you could expect the second preferences of most LibDumbs to go to Labour and vice versa. This is naturally more likely to hand government to Labour much of the time, though perhaps with a reduced majority due to extra LibDumbs, but the individual MPs are likely to have fucking huge majorities after second preferences. For example, Ballarat's MP got 44,000 votes initially, which was just over 50% and less than 9,000 ahead of the nearest opponent. After second preferences she has a majority of more than 14,000 and over 58% of the vote. And Ballarat is considered a fucking marginal seat for Christ's sake!

Don't let them do it.

Persistently Fuming said...

What's the point. We'll still end up with more or less the same bunch of troughing cunts picking our pockets.
Since EU law trumps UK law and has done since 1972, the whole fucking lot of them are redundant, anyway. What fucking use are they? Eh??

paulo said...

That really is the bottom line - what fucking use are they anyway?


Anonymous said...

Corrupt motherfuckers.

groundhog day said...

Didn't he promise a referendum on Europe and dump that idea ?
Didn't he suspend Elliot Morley last May and then reinstate him on the quiet ?
Before suspending him again this week.
Just more bullshit to lay a smokescreen over the economic disaster unfolding in the background.