BBC - hypocrisy

BBC newsreader, George Alagiah, is a patron of the leading charity, the Fairtrade Foundation.

CF doesn't really have the time to worry much about Fairtrade, and is as happy with a glass of dolphin tears as with some reeking tea leaves that have been flown halfway around the world by Sting and Bob Geldof.

However, many others buy into this idea, and CF has been forced in the past to give several Fairtrade bores a good listening to.

But not George. As far as CF is aware, Alagiah has never paused in a news story, put down his papers and gone off on a rant about Kenyan goats' cheese.

And he does not end each story by miming the shaking of a handful of Nicauraguan coffee beans, with a cheeky wink.

And when selecting bananas in his local greengrocer, CF has never thought "now, which sort did George recommend last night, just after that story about the couple who murdered their children?".

Why, one could almost say his patronage of the Fairtrade cause has had - what's the term? - No fucking effect whatsover on his day job. To reinforce this, Alagiah recently discussed the complaints he has had over the last seven years: none. Not a fucking one.

But this is not good enough for the post-Ross, soon to be post-Labour, BBC. Oh no. George has been made to give up his role with the charity.

The BBC has not had the courtesy to tell the charity why this might be, but "it is understood" that his role "breached impartiality rules." What the fuck?

An un-named Corporation spokeswoman added "the BBC has guidelines to ensure our impartiality is protected. This is paramount". What? Is it?

Has anyone told Jim "..if we win the next election.." Naughtie about this?

Does Nick "What shall I tell them, Gordon?" Robinson know?

Will Sir Lord Csar Alan fucking Sugar be fully briefed on this 'paramount impartiality' before he begins to film the Party Poliical Broadcast on Apprentices?

The endless, blatant biases of the BBC are too numerous, and too tedious, to list here. But its pretty fucking clear that pushing certain types of coffee is not among them.

Just to make this situation even fucking richer, one of Alagiah's bosses, who may well have been involved in the preposterous decision to cut off George's Fairtrade links, is BBC1 controller Jay Hunt.

The same Jay Hunt is a director of a company, alongside her husband, that makes its money charging the BBC to train its staff.

CF can only assume that the training does not include a session on 'Spotting and Resolving Conflicts of Interest'.

You fuckwits.




Don't Call Me Dave said...

Jay Hunt. Isn't that cockney rhyming slang?

Anonymous said...

Isnt most of TV land infested with 15 year old script writers thinking they are edgy ??