What does the BBC think?

Here's a little topical quiz for CF's readers. There are 3 questions.

Question 1.
Below are some headlines, all taken from Google News today, all on the same topic.

Have a look through them, and - using your skill and judgment - work out which one came from the BBC:

Blunders by MoD 'costs us billions'
Brown 'suppressed defence report'
Government 'panicked' by report of MoD wasting billions
Brown 'buried' report showing £2.5bn wasted on defence
MoD wastes £2.5bn a year on wrong kit
Brown "suppressed" report revealing billions wasted by MoD
UK wasting billions on defence projects-report
MoD wasting billions of pounds due to 'incompetence'
Critical procurement report buried
MoD 'wasting up to £2.5bn a year'

Which one? Well, actually, none of them. It was a trick question. The BBC's headline is:

Defence report 'not suppressed'

Question 2:
What is the difference between the BBC's headline and all of the others?

Question 3:
The BBC is staffed by a bunch of fucking left wing lickspittles, happy to mindlessly trot out the governments' spin without query or comment. Discuss.



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Anonymous said...

Exactly which of these news sources do you rely on to give you an accurate and balanced view? It is no more balanced to take the opposition's view than it is the government's. Which news outlet will be hauled over the coals by all the other media if it gets things wrong?
I read the BBC article and it had plenty on the opposition including a prominent boxed comment from LIam Fox saying "We have a catalogue of bureaucracy, incompetence and time wasting". Not exactly lickspittle.
The Murdoch press have been gunning for the BBC for years as they see opportunities for making loads more dosh if it were weakened. Is this really what you want?

Anonymous said...

I think the point here is that we, the tv taxpayers, have ABSOLUTELY NO SAY in how our money is spent; what views are expressed; which idiots get publicity; what is defined as news etc etc etc. YET we still have to pay

Barking Spider said...

Check this one out, CF.

Toenails is away at the moment and his blog is being babysat by Laura Kuenssberg who, amazingly, reports like a proper journalist, i.e. tells the real story.