Summer of Rage? The first race riot?

We know the Met office was wrong in telling us it would be a 'Barbecue Summer' - they're wrong every year.

We were also told it was going to be 'Summer of Rage' as everyone rose up and took to the streets. There's been precious little sign of that. Until yesterday.

Those charmless fuckwits of the hilariously named 'Unite Against Facism' - we've talked about those twats before, haven't we? - took to the streets of Birmingham, in what they called a 'Counter Protest' to another planned protest by the oddly named 'Casuals United', who claimed to be football fans.

Football fans or no, they had the temerity to be chanting 'England, England' in .. err .. England, within the hearing of the local Asian population. That was perilously close to fascism, so one of them was selected to be shown why fascism is a bad thing. Because it gets you a good kicking from a bunch of Anti-fascists, see?

Doubtless that's one fascist who'll be mending his ways, and who'll behave a lot better towards his fellow-countrymen, even if they are of a different hue.

Is this the start of a 'Summer of Rage'? Was this a 'race riot'? Or was it a dress rehearsal for some football hooliganism, now the season's kicking off? Or was it just another 'Unite Against Fascism' show of power?

CF's not sure, but the pictures are worth a thousand words...

Hat-tip to Letters From a Tory for the pictures. He doesn't say whether he took them himself or not.



Oblong² said...

Liebours idea of "social cohesion".

These are scenes we'll be seeing a lot more of in future.

Mungle said...

Very violent these facists. Looks like the anti facists showed him the error of his ways. Was he arrested as well I wonder? For threatening behaviour maybe?

JuliaM said...

"These are scenes we'll be seeing a lot more of in future."

Let's hope not. Let's hope the police have decided they may have dropped the intel ball on this one, and smarten up their game...

Oblong² said...

"Let's hope the police have decided they may have dropped the intel ball on this one, and smarten up their game..."

Intel all they like, they won't change the demographics.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. She mentioned the police and intel in the same sentence.

selsey.steve said...

I'm a retired policeman, now working as a civilian back with the police.
I would be fired if I expressed the general feeling of the cops on the ground about the crappy rules under which they are supposed to combat criminality.

I daren't say what I was going to. I'd be arrested.
The thought Police don't permit individual opinions any more, only those opinions sanctioned by the Big Brother "government".

Anonymous said...

I see plod are arresting people for putting their faces into paki's fists.

Anonymous said...

Have a good look around. It's not at all clear this chap was actually one of the "casuals".

Reports I've read suggest he was guilty of being white with intent.

As for JuliaM, I fear the "anti-fascists" were going to bash someone one way or another. If the police had been more effective, it would merely have delayed things.