Get back here now, Gordon

The Scottish Parliament is to be recalled today, to debate the controversial release of the Libyan convicted for the Lockerbie bombings.

Subrosa writes that there may well be a vote of no-confidence in Kenny MacAskill , the man who (allegedly) made the decision to let the poor sickly terrorist go home. Feelings are running high, not just in Scotland but around the world, but as Subrosa points out:

"Whilst the reverberations continue the Prime Minister enjoys the seclusion of his well guarded home in the Kingdom of Fife confident that his new mantra 'silence is golden' will pay off."

But, Gordon, that's not fucking good enough. You might be the most hated Prime Minister we've ever had, but that doesn't mean you're allowed to fucking hide from the public whenever you choose. You might fuck up everything you touch, but that doesn't allow you to just give up.

In the last few days, your silence has grown deafening. Not a quote, not a press conference, not even a "sources close to" rumour. You've even left the bandwagon-jumping on the Ashes victory to your missus (or, more likely, the taxpayer-funded PR team who pretend to be your missus).

You've always been ready with a quote on populist matters, like the Arctic fucking Monkeys, and Jade fucking Goody, so your silence on real, international issues is even more cowardly and obvious.

But it's not just a sound-bite we want from you and your 600+ little chums, Gorgon. It's some fucking action. And not just in the case of the Lockerbie bomber whose release you were clearly involved in.

Since you crept off on your holidays, the world has carried on turning, and nothing's getting any better for any of us. In case you really have dumped your Blackberry in a river, here's what's been going on the in the real world:
  • There's been even more government-endorsed 'quantitative easing'; printing more and more Mickey Mouse money to create inflation to hide the mess you made.

  • A report has been published showing that the MoD has been about as incompetent as it's possible to be without actually dying of stupidity. Money has been pissed up every available wall, and virtually nothing has been delivered in time or even working properly.

  • Even though economies elsewhere have begun to grow again, ours - apparently not "best placed to recover" after all - has not. No, it's continued to decline.

  • Your fucking spin doctors desperately tried to whip up an Internet campaign on Twitter (ask your missus what that is) to smear the Tories as 'hating' the NHS. Sadly for you, it failed: more people trust the Tories with the NHS than your lot. Hardly surprising, given the amount of lies and bullshit we've heard from you over the last few months.

  • Your spin doctors have also tried to get revenge on the Head of the Army by trying to smear him over his expenses. Expenses, for fuck's sake. Breath-taking hypocrisy, and it completely fucking failed anyway, since he's a fuck sight less greedy than virtually any MP you can think off.
So not just the Lockerbie bomber storm - in which you are doubtless up to your chubby neck - the whole fucking nation is going down the shitter, and you can't even be arsed to make a statement to the press, let alone start "working hard" (wasn't that your soundbite?) to try and clear up these various stinking messes.

Brown, you're the fucking Prime Minister, even if very few people actually want you to be. You're fucking responsible. Recall Parliament, right now. Debate these issues, and then get your Government to start fucking governing.

As John Redwood points out, the events in Scotland put you to shame in more than one way:

"A powerless UK government allows the Scottish government to make this decision, washes its hands of the foreign policy consequences, and doesn’t even allow English MPs to have a voice on that foreign policy, whilst Scotland not only makes the decision but has a functioning democracy to debate it."

Remember, McBroon: you work for us. If you were a senior manager in a real fucking business (although Christ knows how you'd manage that) you wouldn't be allowed to disappear on holiday for weeks and weeks, particularly if the company was going through a series of major crises, largely of your making.

Get your sorry arse back to Westminster, and get on with your fucking job.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm being cynical, but Megrahi's release is about making the SNP look shit rather than having Gordon make a decision. Good old Ghaddafi dropped Gordon right in it on Saturday by thanking him personally in full view of the news cameras.

Let's face it, the whole Lockerbie trial has been a charade from start to finish...Megrahi may or may not have had a minor involvement in the bombing (who knows?) but mastermind it, he did not. Releasing a dying man now gets Little Lord Fondleboy some trade deal kudos and lets the Iranian Secret Service and the CIA off the hook.

Anonymous said...

Legged it until the heat has died down. Crafty but not unexpected. Unlike when Gaddafi dropped him in it.

If only we could have seen Brown's reaction, it must have been a Kodak moment.

flyingmonkeyboy said...

Sorry CF but i was under the impression that Peter Mandelson was running the country. So why the fuck do we need Gordon is a fukin moron to come back ???

the man who fell back to bed said...

nope, cant fault any of that.

carry on.

subrosa said...

Well said CF, you're so much more eloquent that me.

But, as monkeyboy says, do we really want Brown back? Yes of course we do because he's the man legally responsible for running the country.

Anonymous said...

Brown should come back, then he should resign, then he should go back on holiday, permanently.

JuliaM said...

"If only we could have seen Brown's reaction, it must have been a Kodak moment."

More like a Nokia moment! ;)

Constantly Furious said...

@SR: thanks, but more eloquent than you? I don't think so. I just swear a lot more ..

@JuliaM: amazed you found time to drop in here, after watching you singlehandedly fighting every last bunny-hugger and hunt-sab in the world over at LFAT ;-)

mungle said...

Bliar would have survived this mess with some sort of lip quivering ever so sincere sounding sound bite. Gordo just hides under the table and we arent supposed to notice. Abit like when he turned up late for the Lisbon Treaty signing. All the other heads of state had been and gone. The pillock must have thought that no one would notice that he had breached the 2005 election manifesto promise to hold a referrendum. The country being mismanaged so badly is one thing. Being treated like fools who won't notice these things adds insult to injury.

Lady Virginia Droit de Segneur said...

Superb rant.

Would love to see this on the front page of the Telegraph tomorrow.

Tim said...

What absolute bullshit,I have found your blog recently, 'constantly furious' sounds like a twat in an office in Swindon.

This post actually serves no purpose. Why the fuck should Brown comment on a Scottish Assembly issue. Or are you such a dick fuck you don't realise that Brown has no jurisdiction on Scotands Legislature.

'Constantly furious' sounds like a constant wanker, sucking some tory mps cock until the police arrive at the door.

Time to pull your wanking pants up 'furious', you fucking moron

JuliaM said...

"@JuliaM: amazed you found time to drop in here, after watching you singlehandedly fighting every last bunny-hugger and hunt-sab in the world over at LFAT ;-)"

Heh! Yes, that was one of LfaT's longer threads, wasn't it? ;)

Looks like someone splashed water on Tim or fed him after midnight...

Longrider said...

Whatever GB says, he is damned. If he says nothing, he is damned. Win win then.