Labourgraph biased? Nah..

The Daily Telegraph, for many years a staunchly right wing paper, has been accused recently of changing its political clothes, and snuggling up to the Labour party. No, CF can't begin to guess why either.

CF finds himself in possession of today's copy. (Readers should note that this was purchased only to procure the 'free' bottle of water, for medical reasons. Dehydration. Well, hangover.).

But, while the damn thing's here, let's have a little browse, shall we? Oh, here's an interesting story, top of page 3.

A woman in Peterborough got pissed, then got it into her head that she should top herself. Being pissed, she decided the best way to end it all was to drive head-on into another car.

The silly bitch failed to off herself, but did manage to seriously injure some other poor sod, in the car she hit. As a result, she's been banged up for a few months.

A reasonably juicy story, and - of course - several lessons to be learned for all of us there, m'kay?

But one thing absent from this story is any political angle. It's got drink, it's got fast cars, serious injury and a prison sentence. Just no politics.

So how does the story open? What's the very first line in the Telegraph?

"The wife of a Conservative councillor has been jailed.."

Ah! Now all becomes clear. She's no ordinary person; in fact - are you listening Hattie? - she's not a person in her own right at all, she's someone's wife. And that 'someone', that man, who is clearly behind all of this, has political affiliations. With the - ugh - Conservative party.

Take note everyone, the Tories are evil bastards, and if elected will proceed to slay hundreds in alcohol- fueled suicide attempts. Vote Labour, and prevent this madness.

Did we get that right?



Dippyness. said...

Never understood this stupid type of reporting.
The housewives choice, The Daily Mail. Never fails to let readers know the price of houses/flats, of who ever they're reporting on is living in/owns.
It's the reason I never buy news papers these days. :-)

Anonymous said...

FUCK HER if she or anyone like her ever got pissed and Killed a member of my family in a car accident I wud fuckin want her strung up. So Fuck her, your angle is shit. She is SCUM. period.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I'm with you, CF. I can understand the use of the headline, as in the Daily Fail too, but it's fairly irrelevant.

The woman deserves the punishment but printing pictures of the husband is ridiculous.

Anon, are you the Harry Enfield pub character who used to advertise Hula Hoops? ;-)

Anonymous said...

no Dick ( 4 that is ur name) I just happen to have witnessed my fair share of victims of Drunk drivers, but dont let me spoil ur world view.