This education policy is Balls'

The eldest Furiousette received her GCSE results yesterday, and a damn fine set of results they were too. Thanks to those who wished her luck.

GCSE results were all over the media yesterday, and naturally, as Schools Secretary, the loathsome Ed Balls had something to say on the subject.

Equally naturally, as a dedicated member of the Labour Party, Balls had pretty much fuck all to say about his own policies and plans. Oh no. Nothing like that: all Government statements must be attacks on the Tories.

The public apparently doesn't need to hear about what has actually happened under this fucking inept and deceitful government - we need to hear a lot of spin and lies on what 'might' happen if we were to chuck them out and let someone else have a go.

This was Ed's little gem :

"Instead of breaking down the damaging old divide between 'excellent' academic qualifications for some and 'second class' for everybody else, the Tories seem determined to turn back the clock."

Eh? What the fuck? While trying to misrepresent those evil Tories, Blinky Balls has just inadvertently revealed some of his own bizarre socialist thinking.

So that's what Labour have been trying to do: to break down the damaging divide between those who get excellent qualifications and those who don't. To make sure everybody, regardless of skill, ability and effort, gets the 'excellent' qualifications to which they are surely entitled.

That explains everything. Of course exams have to get easier and easier. Naturally, more multiple choice papers must be introduced. Of course there must be more coursework that can be done for 'the kids' by grown-ups.

It's obvious: unless we make these exams a damn sight easier, more 'accessible', how on earth will the lazy and the not-that-bright get 'excellent' qualifications? And if they don't, well, that's not fair is it? That's not the Socialist way.

For fuck's sake.



Dippyness. said...

Well said Sir, and my congratulations to your daughter on her excellent results. :-)

JuliaM said...

Good luck to her!

marksany said...

The coursework yhng has backfired though, because middle class parents are better at it than working class ones. Hence coursework is being phased out. The trick nulab Needs to pull off is to find a way to boost the achievement of their clients that can't be used by thief enemies.

bil said...

Congratulations to your daughter!!

Noticed on the Ministry of Propoganda this morning that the latest middle-class crime is paying for solicitors to challenge school admissions decisions.

Why can't the BEEB, and all political parties, say that families not using every means at their disposal to gain the best education for their children are negligent and bad parents - regardless of 'class'?