Yeah: you tell Harriet, Prezza

No need to repeat all of Harriet Harman's idiotic drivellings (a sample: "men cannot be left to run things on their own"), appearing in today's Sunday Times. Stupidity like that is best ignored, and it's been covered all across the blogosphere already.

And not much need to offer a critique either - it's already been done. Check this selection of insults out, all from another member of the Labour Party:

"Quotes like this just raise leadership issues once again just at a time when we should all be pulling together.."

"Success doesn't come from saying all male leaderships are bad"

"Why take away from the party the right to choose its leaders on the basis of ability?"

"In theory you were elected on merit, not your gender.."

".. after a disastrous June election campaign you were supposed to be running.."

"...with a poll today saying we're 24% behind the Tories in the key marginals that you're supposed to be in charge of campaigning in.."

Yeah, baby! That's getting it said. That's telling the silly bitch.

So, who is the source of this torrent of abuse? Who delivered this richly deserved kicking to the Harperson?

None other than ... the people's bulimic, John Prescott.

Well well. This is first - and probably the last - time that CF has been in agreement with Prezza. Well done, you inarticulate salad-dodger. Keep it up!

Hat-tip to Mark Reckons, not least for bothering to read Prezza's blog on a Sunday.


Gigits said...

Well said, Pressa!

I'm guilty of blogging about this. To be fair, I thought I was the only person who had noticed it...

Barking Spider said...

I never thought I'd see the day when that man said anything sensible, but he's made up for lost time with this one!

Anonymous said...

If Harman isn't encouraged to 'go outside for a walk' soon Labour might never be in government again.

That's not a complaint, something to look forward to, in all honesty.

Prezza knows that, he must be shiteing it. A good job he has numerous toilet seats to help.

Anonymous said...

Hapless is one stupid twat .