P0rn! (of the statistical variety) III

July was month 3 for the Constantly Furious blog, and the downward trend following an almost-too-good-to-be-true start continues.

CF doesn't really know how to interpret the figures, or which is the most important figure, but he can see that they are all rather lower than June's and a lot lower than May's.

Here are those .. er .. 'diminished' figures for July:

9,240 Page Loads
7,274 Unique Visitors
4,014 First Time Visitors
3,260 Returning Visitors

CF hopes that these figures are down to:

a) him being away on holiday for two weeks in July .. and/or ..

b) virtually everyone else being on holiday for part or all of July .. and/or..

c) those bastard politicians, if not stopping doing outrageous, infuriating things, at least cutting back.do

Otherwise, CF has to form the conclusion that he has somehow offended a lot of people (is it the fucking swearing?) or generally lost his blogging mojo. And that would never do.

But enough of this self-pitying maundering.

CF is, again, very grateful to anyone who does come along, so thanks to all who hat-tipped, linked and quoted CF's humble scratchings, and thanks to all who visited.



subrosa said...

Your holidays would account for it I'm sure. We knew you were away so didn't bother visiting.

Dippyness. said...

I haven't been on Twitter that long & didn't start reading your blog until June, then you went on your hols.
Am sure that accounts for a lot. Whatever, I still like you :-) So keep going.

Anonymous said...

Well - I always go to your blog first! It's so good to see someone ranting about the exact same things that make ME so bloody furious!! So don't give up now just because you've got a 'proper' job.

RantinRab said...

Just face facts mate, you're shit!!!

Only kidding. ;o)

Barking Spider said...

I love a good rant myself, CF, so I always pop over to see what YOU are ranting about, (except when you're away, of course), so keep up the good work!

Constantly Furious said...

You're all very kind.

It wasn't the intention of this post to fish for compliments, but they're still appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Im sure the fact that you are a fould mouthed Cunt has nothing to do with it. Probably the fact that the Tsunami of blogging that occured during the expenses Fiasco has left most people a tad drained at the moment. I bet even Guidos numbers are down this month, well provided you dont count all those fuckwitted postings by the Robotic Hardwidge virus.Keep up the good work and it wont be to long before those useless cunts in Government get us all back on our keyboards in a fit of fury !

Anonymous said...

I work for the British Transport Police. I noticed at the beginning of July I could no longer log onto your site as it had mysteriously been classified as 'pornographic'.
Friends in Hampshire Police reported the same peculiar phenomenon.
Your site is still unavailable to us.

Constantly Furious said...

@Anonymous of the BTP

Fuckinell! Censorship.

Can you send a few more details to

And then I'll blog about it..