Pussycat got your tongue, Gordon?

Gordon Brown, our Beloved Leader and Saviour of the Free World, has opinions on many things. And is not afraid to share them with us, his adoring public.

For example, here's what he has to say about his tastes in pop music:

"I was asked did I prefer Arctic Monkeys to James Blunt, and I think I said I'd prefer Coldplay. But I made a joke that Arctic Monkeys would certainly wake you up in the morning. So, I mean, I've heard Arctic Monkeys and they're very loud."

Here's what he said about that wunch of bankers over at Lehman Brothers', shortly before that organisation imploded spectacularly :

"During its 150 year history, Lehman Brothers has always been an innovator, financing new ideas and inventions before many others even began to realize their potential."

In 2008, during the finals of that godawful shitfest 'The X-factor', Gordon Brown wrote to all 12 finalists. Here's what he (allegedly, in her words) said to Ruth Lorenzo, whom Simon Cowell had criticised for not singing in her native language:

"Keep singing in English, girl. You're doing a great a job going against Simon"

And here's what Gordon Brown said when Jade Goody, Big Brother runner-up, Z-list celebrity and ignorant bigot, was taken from us:

"..the whole country have admired her determination to provide a bright future for her children. She will be remembered fondly by all who knew her"

And, finally, here's what Gordon Brown has to say about the controversial early release of a convicted terrorist, an man found guilty of planting a bomb that killed hundreds, a man greeted with scenes of jubilation on his return to his homeland:

" "

That's right. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Gordon doesn't have a view, apparently.

What's the matter, Gordon? Pussycat Mandelson got your tongue?



Unknown said...

Tounge Planted: firmly between mankiebums butt cheaks

Rob said...

No wonder he had prostate trouble. The *double-entendre alert!* 'brown curse' has struck again!

Anonymous said...

He will, it just takes him longer to react than everyone else. I'm sure he wont dissapoint us with his response and maintain his consistency?

Anonymous said...

The 19 year old PR people who write this pish for Gordon cant see further than The x Factor and Big Brother !!

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Don't know why you are so surprised - he always disappears when the shit hits the fan.

Classic behaviour of the bully we all know he is - the flip side - as he so often demonstrates - is craven cowardice.

A deeply unpleasant and contemptible man. The sooner we see the back of him the better.

thespecialone said...

Well he was the one who 'encouraged' the Scottish Government to release a mass murderer. That's according to the phsycopath Gadafi

Barking Spider said...

It looks to me that after his little chat with Gaddafi, Brown simply organised Megrahi's release for a time when he would be "away", "on holiday", "absent", "MacAvity"! AGAIN!! It also seems that Megrahi had been sending his belongings home to Libya for weeks before his release.

You might find the following letter very interesting, CF, I'm sure Ken MacAskill has a different word for it!


mungle said...

Every one knows that he keeps his head down when there are really awkward questions to answer. Brown was probably involved in this act of "compassion" in some way and misjudged the reaction. So he hides under the desk.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Brown and Mandelson.

The Canestan Duo.