Labour: they don't give a shit

Andrew Sparrow, over at the Guardian, has been looking at Parliamentary trends over recent decades. Many of them give support to CF's belief that everything, everything, is getting slowly, inexorably worse in the Mother of Parliaments, ever since this current bunch of fucking chancers prised the levers of power from John Major's grey and trembling hands.

Parliament is sitting less. Every year since 1998 the number of sitting days per session has been below the postwar average.

Parliament is passing fewer acts. From the '50s to the '70s it was common for parliament to pass 60 acts or more per year. The postwar record was 98 in 1964. But since Labour's return to power, 30 or 40 acts per year has been more normal, and in 2005 parliament hit a postwar record low when just 24 acts were passed.

In spite of this deliciously easy, light workload, MP's continue to trough away, greedily grabbing all of their 'entitlements', taking larger and larger amounts to line their own pockets.

People have never thought less of these thieving incompetents. Calls for change grow shriller. But no-one's listening.

Do you think that Gordon Brown knows any of this? Probably not. If he did, do you think he'd give a shit? Nah. He doesn't care what we think. He's gone off on holiday.

And in doing so, has further demonstrated Labour's contempt for the people, taking us to what must be a new low in 'government'.

This country - in the middle of a deep recession and in the middle of a war - is currently being officially run by Lord Mandelson. A man who has had to resign as a Member of Parliament twice. A man who has not been elected by anyone to his current post. A man who is currently abroad, on fucking holiday.

Jesus Christ. They really don't care any more, do they?



Anonymous said...

Surely we should be judging them not on how many laws they introduce but how many repeal. We must surely be one of the most heavily legislated countries in the world. We need more freedom, not more laws restricting every aspect of our lives.

Oldrightie said...

Pederasts and selfish chancers. Of course they hold the rest of us in utter contempt.

Dave said...

80% of our legislation originates in the eu. There is a strong case for MP's renumeration to be reduced in line with their reduced responsibilities as eu administrators.

As a previous poster says they should be protecting us against excessive legislation but they dont do that either. What incentive is there for a career politician to rock the boat?

Anonymous said...

Personally CF, the longer they stay away from Parliament, the better. I'd far rather they enact no laws at all or pass any more fact, I wish they would just fuck off and leave us alone completely.

Rich B said...

Don't let the number of acts fool you. The figures actually demonstrate the utter contempt we are held in, not because they are not all busy busy making laws, but because Labour have totally bypassed parliamentary scrutiny in most law making. They just love secondary legislation. They have mastered the art of giving powers to Ministers in almost all their Acts to make regulations that put meat on the bone and can be changed by ministerial fiat without the need to go back to parliament. Have a look at the mind numbing number of statutory instruments made by Labour.