(Made up) Quote of the Week

"I got a drug dealer to jerk off into a paper cup and then dribble the contents into my fanny so I wouldn't get hanged in a Vientiane jail. That's why you'll always be Mummy's special little girl!"

Fellow angry-Blogger Mr Euginedes, imagining what Samantha Orabator, who has escaped a Laos jail by becoming pregnant whilst inarcerated, might say to her child when those awkward "where am I from, Mummy?" questions crop up.

Samantha Orabator? Unusual surname. And it would make a good name for the process she's just carried out: "Pregnant? How? You haven't been Orabating, have you?"



Lexander said...

Reminds me of recent quote on tv. Silly girl asks Doc "Can you get pregnant sitting on toilet?. Doc replies: "Only if you are sitting on a man as well!"

killemallletgodsortemout said...

They should have shot her while they had the chance.

It'll save S019 doing it later.