Labour: "squalid and cowardly"

They just don't learn, do they, those fuckwits in the Labour Party?

It's taken months for them to slowly, painfully crawl out from under the shadow of McBrideGate, when several Labour figures were shown to be a bunch of lying, sleazy gits. When the country was appalled to learn that vicious rumours had been invented, to be spread purely to undermine and damage NuLabs 'enemies' in the great class war.

The public only have short memories, bless, and with the barbecue summer here at last, and Big Brother 10 (probably) getting quite tense, all that sleaze, spin and dishonesty was fading into the past.

But clearly, fading into the past for Labour as well. For, lo and behold, the gits are revealed - by The Sun, the self-proclaimed "Paper for Our Boys", among others - to have kept right on marching with the old smear campaigns.

This time, the target is General Sir Richard Dannatt. General Dannatt, winner of the Military Cross, is due to retire from the Army in a few days, after 38 years of distinguished service.

38 years? Pretty impressive, eh? Pat on the back, small ceremony, perhaps a clock, then off he goes?

No. Not for Gen Sir D.

Unfortunately for him, he has had the temerity in the past to criticise the Glorious Party of Labour, repeatedly embarrassing the Government by speaking out on trivial, irrelevant issues.

You know, tiny little unimportant things like "why are the soldiers in Afghanistan paid less than traffic wardens?", "why do our soldiers live and fight under such shit conditions?"; "why haven't we got enough fucking boots to go around?".

Recently, the pushy bastard underlined his calls for more resources for troops, claiming that "better surveillance equipment is vital to targeting the Taliban laying roadside bombs". What the fuck does he know about it, eh? The cheek! Just because he's 'Head of the Army'. What does he think we have a Ministry of Defence for? A proper one, sitting in London, busy with the paperwork, not messing about overseas with all those rag heads.

The General's questions have not gone down well with the Government. Poor Gordon's trying to have a holiday here. So, inevitably, a campaign has begun within the offices of government, deep in the slimy, fetid nests where the hissing, squirming spin doctors live.

As with any 'enemy of the party', Sir Richard must be destroyed, humiliated. And, as with every Labour campaign, this must be done by smear, innuendo, lies and distortion.

Accordingly, a series of Freedom of Information requests have been made, asking for details of the cost of the General's 'business entertaining' at his apartment, the former home of the Princess of Wales.

It's not known exactly who tabled these requests, but given that the General has been a thorn in the governments' side for some time, and given that one unnamed defence minister recently described Sir Richard as a “complete bastard”, you wouldn't be astonished if it turned out to be a Labour researcher, would you? Who else gives a flying fuck about how much the General spent on Filet Mignon?

The only possible use for this information is so that some slimy, sleazy shitbag paid-for-by-us researcher can bash out a nasty little piece to feed all the Labour-luvin' rags. Something along the lines of "General gorges on swans, washed down with vintage Krug, while Our Brave Boys forced to eat cardboard". Create a split between the boys on the front line and the top brass, then jump right in.

Perhaps Kerry fucking McTwitter can start up another fatuous fucking online campaign, desperately trying to associate Labour and the Army. Hey kids, not only do #welovethenhs but guess what? #welovethearmy too! Cool!

CF doesn't normally have a lot of time for Dr Liam Fox, Tory Shadow for Defence, but his words sum up this little episode rather well:

“At a time when our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan, ministers spend their time in puerile personality politics. General Dannatt is a man of honour and integrity who leads from the front.

His Labour detractors are squalid and cowardly, undermining from the shadows.

Yeah. That's about right.

UPDATE: Guido thinks the rat with the FoI requests is Kevan (yes 'an', not 'in') Jones, a career Labour hanger-on, and one of Brown's long term lickspittles. No suprises there, then.



A fellow Tractor Boy said...

Absolutely spot-on CF ... spineless bastards the lot of them

George said...

Unfortunatly I am really not suprised by this at all, they really don't get it do they. I would like to weed out the person who has submitted the FoI and then find out what his expenses and salary are.

George said...

ah Guido found out, and this is just one search on him

JuliaM said...

No-one should really be surprised by this. But we can all be surprised by the fact that it's Murdoch's rag that is leading the charge...

Constantly Furious said...

JuliaM: yes, you're right. Rather suggests that they've decided which way the wind's going to blow.

That, or they think the public will be more interested in an anti-Labour story than an anti-General one..

Ditherywig said...

Murdochs rag knows which side it's bread is buttered.I think it was the News of the World that published fake pictures of British Troops abusing prisoners with the sole intention of inciting hatred of the British Army , knowing that such images go around the Middle East in seconds and are music to the ears of the Jihadists. I don't imagine the Army was very pleased with that rag. Maybe not many soldiers buy it any more. As for the little turd trying to rubbish General Dannat, perhaps there could be a public campaign to get him out to Helmand for a week and out on a few patrols, preferably in Snatch Land Rovers. Lets see if he has the guts or whether he is the coward that we all think he might be.

The Filthy Engineer said...

I personally think he should be volunteered to do mine clearance.

Barking Spider said...

I'm really glad to see that this is backfiring on the bastards. They should get used to it, if they don't learn to stop smearing they will be getting caught in a lot more backsplatter before they're finally booted out.

BTW, Ditherywig, I think the pictures you mentioned were the ones that cost Piers Morgan his editor's job over at Toilets Maguire's shitty rag, the Daily Mirror - ugh, spit!

patently said...

As for the little turd trying to rubbish General Dannat, perhaps there could be a public campaign to get him out to Helmand for a week and out on a few patrols, preferably in Snatch Land Rovers.

Now that's what I call a good idea.

13th Spitfire said...

Fucking Great, well done.

Ditherywig said...

Barking Spider - thankyou for the correction, it was indeed the Daily Mirror, captained by the loathsome Piers Morgan who did so much damage to our forces. Perhaps he could join our Labour friend on Patrol. I'm sure there are a few soldiers who would like to show Mr Morgan how much they value his natural ability to rubbish the British Army coupled with his endearing quality of being incapable of keeping his gob shut.

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