Beautifully put..

Mummylonglegs, over on And There Was Me Thinking, has been listening to Samantha Cameron, CallMeDave's other half, eulogising her man. And fuck, did she lay it on thick.

Mummy's response is spot on, and well worth reading in full. As she says:

"I can understand why Sam appreciates these qualities in her man, after all she has to live with him. I don't. I do however have a chance to decide if I hand the running of the country over to him, and so far I have yet to be convinced that Dave is any better than Gordon."

"So unless Dave is planning to turn up on my door step, marry me, cook me a meal, do the washing up, read my kids a bedtime story and then give me a good seeing to in order to gain my vote, what he does at home is about as about as relevant to me as what fucking biscuit he likes to dunk in his tea. I don't fucking care."

As Mummy points out:

"My ex was great with the kids, a blinding shag and could iron a crease sharp enough to shave with. Regardless of these skills (and his amazing Spag Bol) I wouldn't trust him to run the country because he was financially incompetent, morally bankrupt and to be frank with you, full of shit."

As ever, Mummy knows best.



Anonymous said...

Brilliant !!! I dont give a fuck about the wives or the pretend wives !!!!!! Jesus Christ do you think the people we relate to in our day jobs give a flying fuck about our other halves when we do business with them ? No they cunting well dont so why the fuck is this any different?????

banned said...

beautifully put

John Demetriou said...

You trying to get in there, CF? You need to get out more mate, meet some people your own age not on the net.