Gosh, Brown told a lie

The increasingly tedious 'Bullygate' saga continues to rumble on.

Not just tedious, but irrelevant, since it appears that even if Brown is a violent and abusive incompetent, the slack-jawed British public appear to fully intent on rewarding him with five more years, either because their own income depends upon him, or because they think that this whole thing is some sort of enormous games, and that it might be a fascinating experiment to let him keep on fucking everything up.

But Bullygate sells papers, so it is being kept alive. Naturally, Gordon's minders have wheeled him along to the television studios, to clip on a microphone and assure us all that not a scrap of any of this is true. Oh no. Thirty or forty people colluded over ten or more years to make the whole fucking thing up.

Regarding the physical aspects of the bullying accusations, on Channel 4 News, Broon said:

"Let me just say absolutely clearly so that there is no misunderstanding about that, I have never, never hit anybody in my life."

Suspecting weasel words (hit? shoved? pushed? thumped? nudged?), the Channel 4 chap pressed him, asking if he had, for example, ever shoved Senior foreign policy adviser Stewart Wood, as claimed in the infamous Rawnsley book. His reply?

"No, I don't do these sorts of things"

Pretty un-e-fucking-quivocal there, eh? Certainly CF is left with the impression that Gordon did not shove Mr Wood. In fact, did not shove anyone. Never has, never will.

So how to explain what Wood said in a taped interview in January?

"He [Brown] was in a really bad mood. He walked up the stairs. And I leant forward and he went 'Outta my way' and he did that (makes strong sweeping gesture with his arm, imitating the PM), 'outta my way'... I was pretty shocked."

Well now that's confusing, isn't it? Brown says Brown doesn't 'do' shoving, Wood says Brown shoved him.

One of these gentlemen would appear to be .. ahem .. mistaken. And since it's hard to see how Wood would benefit from inventing such a story, creating an entirely imaginary 'shove', CF for one has to conclude that it's Gordo' who's fibbing. And on the telly, too.

Brown caught out in a lie? Well hoo-fucking-ray. That's the end of his reign then, isn't it? He'll have to resign now, surely? He can't carry on now that he's been caught red-handed telling blatant porkies. He'll probably have to jump in a car, and head to the Palace immediately.

Yeah, right.



Harri said...

The Prime monster, shoving someone ?

Perish the fucking thought !

Lying cunt he is.

20 seconds in, lets see him spin his way out of this one.


killemallletgodsortemout said...


17 seconds. Shoving Scotch Cunt that he is.

Barking Spider said...

Maybe he "mis-spoke" or "misremembered", CF, the lying fuckpig!

Good link, Harri, Masonic handshake and a "get-the-fuck-out-of-my-way" shove....cunt!