Will there be snow, Daddy?

The global warming fear-mongering has been going on for some time. Way back in 1998, the BBC was peddling the scare-stories with which we're now tiresomely familiar.

The story, published in November '98, warned skiiers that they should make the most of the snow this season, because it wouldn't be around for long.

"Swiss scientists said 90% of alpine glaciers are expected to melt within the next half century, causing floods, landslides and threatening economic disaster for tens of thousands of permanent inhabitants of alpine uplands."

..and there was more...

"A research organisation from Germany reported that although winter temperatures in the German Alps are not expected to rise as much as summer temperatures, the greenhouse effect will mean that rain will fall in many areas where snow fell before, making skiing impossible"

Oh no! The litany of woe went on..

"Some popular Italian ski resorts could be without snow by 2008 if winter temperatures continue to rise at their present rate, according to European scientists. A report circulated at a meeting at Cortina d'Ampezzo in Italy of international experts on alpine climate change said that skiing may no longer be possible in at least a dozen Italian resorts, situated at 1,500 metres or lower. This would include Cortina d'Ampezzo and Courmayeur"

CF is pleased to report that he is off this morning for his second skiing break this year in .. err .. Courmayeur.

When he was there in February, the pistes were near-perfect, completely covered in deep, thick snow. Every roof had a least 4 feet of snow piled upon it. On the last day there, it snowed heavily all day.

According to the latest reports, it has snowed more since then. The webcam picture above is from Monday this week. Looks like a bit of skiing might still be 'possible', doesn't it? Looks like enough snow to be going on with, eh?

Skiing 'no longer possible'? Like most of the climate scary stories:




Anonymous said...

Don't forget CF that the BBC have substantial amounts of their pension fund invested in AGW. They will push it as much as they can. Of course some would argue that it doesn't matter whether it's bollocks or not as long as lots of people can be employed making windmills and solar panels. The creation of a need.??

Anonymous said...

The rich and the powerfull have invested their shirts on this.
They have too much to lose now.
I'ts going to get nasty.

Anonymous said...

I was selfishly looking forward to warmer temperatures, instead I have cabin fever from being coupes up in doors all winter. Another week of global warming winter and my sharpened axes would have come into play mwa ha ha!

doctor baloney said...

weather ≠ climate

Bristol Dave said...

Doctor Baloney:

That's not the point. What we always used to call "the weather" is now referred to as "Climate Change".

Anonymous said...

are you mad the met office has told you the last decade is the warmest ever honest yes since for ever realy,our new £35,000,000 computers told us,and our boss former world wildlife man got a bonus, so they must be right,so stop this sarky nonsense and take your cossie its going to be very very warm must go matron goes mad, if she knows ive been on her comput

Anonymous said...

"Climate disruption" is a term gaining some currency since we have all been freezing our bollocks off.

Dave H said...

Shortly after the end of the first Gulf War, Greenpeace sent a letter ominously informing me that it could be '15 years before the last of the oil well fires were extinguished'. The letter arrived about a week after the last of them had been.

I have since never been able to shake off the feeling that environmental activists were amongst the most terminally deluded wankers available.

john miller said...

They had Radio 2 on in the pub yesterday. (I know, I know, but it's still a decent pub).

Some cretin phoned in to lecture us all that 95% of scientists believe (!) in man made climate change. Where we peasants were going wrong was confusing climate with weather.

He rambled on for a few minutes then said "I can vouch for global warming personally, because up here in the North-east we've had terrible weather for the last few years".

Jeez...Where do you start with them?

Captain Haddock said...

John @ 1729 ...

A 7.62 round to the head is as good a starting place as any ..

sacredspring said...

The earth is definitely flat -you can see it's flat.
And the sun goes round the earth,just have a look at it.
Science is bollocks.
Gasp ..who's nicked my oxygen

paulo said...

I've paid more than my fair share into this global warming fund - when am I going to see a return?


banned said...

Steve McIntyre was pointing out in 2005 that retreating Swiss glaciers were revealing stone age, Roman and medievel artifacts; in other words, it's all been done before which is why various mountain passes have been closed by glaciers over the centuries being re-opened during inter-glacial periods coinciding nicely with improvements in the human condition.

H/T comment @wattsupwiththat.com

Meanwhile, to cheer up the speculators and carbon fraudsters with their nu-Papal Indulgencies
French & Nordic Carbon Exchanges closed because of Fraud
Times report

Anonymous said...

Paulo said:

"I've paid more than my fair share into this global warming fund - when am I going to see a return?"

Exactly. We pay billions in taxes and get shit weather in return.

Anonymous said...

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