Careful, Darling

One of the many, many benefits of EU membership - along with the straight bananas and Baroness Ashcroft - is that a bunch of Eurocrats get to stick their dirty foreign noses into our financial affairs.

Even though we are not - praise the Lord - users of the Euro, the UK still has to observe EU 'stability rules' regarding public finances.

And guess what? In spite of his fucking endless lies and boasts to the contrary, Gordon Brown - with his little puppet Alistair Darling - has broken those rules. The EU is not happy about that.

Clearly no-one in Brussels has been listening to Broon's blustering: they've just looked at the figures and concluded that Britain must do more to curb its spiralling debt.

The report states:

"The fiscal strategy in the convergence programme is not sufficiently ambitious and needs to be significantly reinforced.

"A credible timeframe for restoring public finances to a sustainable position requires additional fiscal tightening measures beyond those currently planned.”

Which, translated into normal-speak, means: 'You're still pissing far too much money up the wall. Stop it.'

Gosh, really? But Gordon told us all that he was saving us. That he was the only one who knew what to do. That the eeevil Tory's pledge to cut the deficit faster would 'put the fragile economic recovery at risk'. Was that all bollocks then? Who'd have thought?

The timing is good, or if you're Broon or Darling, terrible. We'll find out on Thursday whether Darling's prediction in December that we'd be 'only' 178 billion in the red by now were right, or - more likely - woefully inaccurate.

And we've got a budget, the last budget before the election, next week.

How will the Chancellor balance the EU's demands for a more 'ambitious' strategy and 'additional fiscal tightening' with Gordo's inevitable bullying demands to hand a series of massive and fucking obvious bribes to voters?

Careful, Darling.



Captain Haddock said...

McSnot looks as if he has a mouthful of Badger jizz, which he's just about to spit across the "red" line .. Whilst Badger looks suitably humble, yet rather pleased with himself as the donor ..

Antisthenes said...

Some people have had the temerity to suggest that we should not have had the fiscal stimulus at all and taken our medicine like a man. I believe they are right. OK, the medicine would have tasted awful but we would have gotten over the malaise at one fell swoop. Now alas, although the patient is in remission there is going to be a sudden relapse and the illness will become terminal. Treating the symptoms is no substitute for treating the cause and even better prevention is better than cure. This government make me think of the NHS, full of bloated administrators and quack doctors. Emergency surgery now may yet save the patient leave it and it will be too late.

Middle Seaxe said...

Is that the sound of 700 billion chickens coming home to roost?

Anonymous said...

Well there is an obvious saving to be made by slashing the Fake Charities and quangos.
You have to do it scumbags your masters in Brussels have just said .

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Furious

The EU's concern is, of course, solely with their 'convergence programme': ein reich, ein currency, ein bank clerk, ein livestock


Jill said...

No real comment to make aside from ho ho ho, Captain said jizz.