Miliband gets told

Constantly Furious doesn't give out awards, but if he did, one of the first would undoubtedly go to Mr Idris Francis.

Mr Francis was the recipient of one of those nauseatingly chatty little communiques from Ed Milliband, trying to drum up some support for 'EdsPledge', some bandwagon-jumping nonsense that Milliband dreamt up whilst he should have been doing his real job.

'Ed' addressees Mr. Francis in ridiculous faux-matey terms, drivels on about 'the climate' and Twitter, and then somewhat arrogantly ends "Thanks for your support".

But he's not getting Mr Francis' support. Oh no.

Take it away, Mr Francis:

Mr. Miliband,

It's "Mr. Francis" not "
Idris" to you, Mr. Miliband - I have no intention of being on first name terms with you or any of your terminally incompetent colleagues.

At almost 70 years of age I cannot remember a more clueless, a more dishonest, a more devious Government and Cabinet than we now have. That you still, apparently, believe that "global warming" is man-made - when for 10 years the earth has cooled, that for centuries it was warmer than it now is, that the science - more akin to a religion - is pure junk and
hocus-pocus - tells us all we need to know.

Time is indeed running out, for
ZanuNuLabour, only a few months to go before the lot of you - those who survive the election at all - are consigned to the back benches for a generation.

Good riddance, may it be sooner rather than later. God knows, little did I think when Major headed what was then the worst government in living memory, that he would be succeeded by someone and some Cabinet worse still - or that they in turn would prove to be excellent compared to the debris and
swarf of political life that now holds power.

But not for much longer, Mr.
Miliband, not for much longer. The endless lies, hypocrisy, false claims, pathetic promises that end up broken, all will soon be at an end.

Like your career in politics, and like your brother's



Oh yeah...

Hat-tip to Tory Bear for picking this one up.


Anonymous said...

Admittedly, that is a hard match to beat. A bow in respect. He's quite right. Those fuckers are living on borrowed time.

Anonymous said...

I take it thats a no then ?

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Perhaps Mr Francis could be persuaded to come and run my council, who are equally clueless.

thespecialone said...


JuliaM said...


Do you suppose one of Ed's flunkies will read it to him?

Rob said...

And this is the more competent brother. Jesus wept!

Mungle said...

Oh, I enjoyed that!!!

Barking Spider said...

I really like this Mr Francis.