What's wrong with this picture?

These fishermen and sailors are very concerned about the danger to the oceans from fossil fuel emissions. And why wouldn't they be? You don't want to turn up one morning, all ready to rape the ocean bed, only to find someone else has got there before you, do you? Not much fun trawling up every single fish for miles around if they're all dead, is it?

So, to bring the world's attention to their sorry plight, they took to sea and - get this, oooh, clever - wrote the letters S O S in the sea, using only their boats.

Only their boats. Only their fucking great diesel-powered fuel-glugging boats. Boats with engines bigger than the biggest truck or 4x4. Boats with tanks holding not hundreds but fucking thousands of litres of 'fossil fuel'. Even the boats equipped with fucking sails haven't bothered to raise them, as they chug around in their sanctimonious little circles.

And then, so that the whole world could see how very concerned they were about all the terrible and profligate burning of fossil fuels, they sent someone up in an aeroplane, a fucking aeroplane, just to get a photograph of their cleverness.

You fuckwits.



possible green answer said...

Maybe they used their oars to get there and a glider for the photo op ?
I'll get my coat.

thespecialone said...

Oh brilliant CF. But then, all AGW fantasists are like then arent they. Al Gore in his private jet and his yacht. Madonna, Sting and other pop stars flying around the world in their private jets to a pop concert about global warming. How bloody hyprocrital can you get than these people.

George said...

I would laugh if it was not costing me so much fucking money in taxes.

Anonymous said...

Like all these people against cars - 'use public transport'.... Have you ever sat behind a school bus outside a school, usually very old, absolutely BELCHING out smelly diesel fumes and carcinogens, god knows how they get through an MOT.