End of the summer? Not for everyone

The air is getting cooler, the nights are drawing in. Autumn is replacing Summer.

The kids have gone back to school, and over the next few days, virtually everyone in the country aged between 18 and 22 will be heading to University, for their almost mandatory further-further education.

Commuter trains are filling up again, and the roads are busier too, as those lucky enough to still have a job head to it, their holiday allowance almost completely used up by their summer break.

A summer break that's now just a distant memory, a couple of photos on the PC or a bottle of undrinkable wine in the cupboard.

There are, however, 646 lucky people who are still enjoying their summer recess. They haven't been to their main place of employment since the 21st of July, nearly two months ago. And they're not due at that place for another month. The 12th of October still seems a long way away for these lucky bastards.

Our MP's - our MP's, who work for us - are just two thirds of the way through their3 month recess. They haven't got anything as vulgar as a holiday allowance to worry about; no need to go back early to keep a couple of days spare for Christmas, like the rest of us.

And they haven't had to worry about losing any income - the salary, and the expenses, keep on rolling in, all through the summer, as they relax in the garden of their second home - the one we pay for.

Nice work if you can get it. Good job they haven't got anything really important to do, eh?



JuliaM said...

To be honest, wouldn't you rather they spent more time on holiday that supposedly 'running' the country...?

manwiddicombe said...

This theme is one that I regularly discuss face to face with a Tory blogger.

Ask yourself this question CF .. .. would you rather they were in Parliament thinking up new legislation to make it look like they're working hard, or would you prefer they pass less, and less rushed through legislation?

mungle said...

Yes, but when they are at work they are busy safeguarding our liberty, privacy, civil rights and national sovereignty?? Well ok maybe not. But dont they give advice with issues like housing/benefit problems? A bit like a volunteer at Citizens advice might do?

The End (Bye Bye!) said...

Having recently returned from holiday, I was feeling fairly upbeat about everything.

You have now made me incredibly angry! Those 646 bastards!

Anonymous said...

Give the cunts more holidays thats what I say, that way things will run smoother !

The Young Oligarch said...

The less the bastards do the better , as far as I'm concerned .

Two words to refute your idea about them making up excuses for frenzied legislative activity - Harriet Harman .

SteveShark said...

Well, I can beat that shower of cunts at Westminster - I'm in the 9th week of my summer break.

One more to go.

Forced on me due to circumstances beyond my control, but at least I'm not costing anybody a fucking red cent as I'm self-employed.