They hate us too

CF posted yesterday about the imbeciles at PC World, and the total impossibility of getting anything like decent service from those egregious fuckwits.

Judging by the many comments on the post, many others have suffered similar indignities; ill-informed staff, blatant pushing of unecessary extra warranties and a total refusal to repair anything, even if it went wrong on the way back to the fucking car park.

Coincidentally, on the very same day, this story appeared on The Metro website.

Apparently, the slack-jawed cretins in the nasty polo shirts dislike us as much as we dislike them and their employer.

"Customers at Currys and PC World have been branded 'retards' and 't****' on the internet by disgruntled workers.

The insults were posted by past and present staff on Facebook groups called 'A******* customers!' 'Really Stupid Customers!' and 'Some customers are really really stupid'.

Posters also claimed some customers deserved to be punched and asked if they should be allowed to use 'cattle prods'."

Well that explains a lot, doesn't it? When they stare at you will dull-eyed contempt, don't think that they're thinking about the answer to the simple technical question you just posed .. no .. they're wondering if they can get away with smacking you in the mouth.

The shops' parent company, DSGi, is believed to be 'investigating' some staff - who were, suprise, suprise, dimwitted enough to use their real names - in the wake of their comments.

They wheeled out an unfortunate PR junior to whimper

"Delivering excellent customer service is at the forefront of everything we do, and so we are very disappointed a small number of our colleagues have made these comments on a social-networking website"

Is it? Are you? Bollocks.

Thanks to JuliaM for pointing out the story


Ray Nerslane said...

The staff at Currys and PC World seem to think that if customers are stupid enough to buy stuff from their stores, they deserve such abuse.

I would tend to agree with them.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who buys those stupid useless warranties are retarded surely ?

Anonymous said...

If I worked for either of those retailers I would hesitate before calling others "retards".

Anonymous said...

Customer service employees bitter about their dead-end minimum wage jobs let off steam by taking the piss out of stupid people.

In other news, fire is hot.