How was it for you?

As Gordon Brown struggled to get up close 'n' personal with Barack Obama last week, chasing him around the corridors of power, eventually cornering him in the kitchen, he must have been aware of a strange sensation.

As he gazed longingly at Obama from the back row, he may have felt another pair of eyes, boring into the back of his neck. The heat of an impassioned gaze.  A worshipper for the worshipper.

Yes, Nick Robinson, BBC Reporter, Labour Lickspittle and Brown worshipper, had gone along for the ride.

Blogging about it here, under the breathless title "No ordinary week for the Prime Minister", Robinson was quite moist with excitement. It was a week..

"in which decisions loomed on how to combat climate change, to limit the spread of nuclear weapons, to win the fight with al-Qaeda and to revive the economies of the world"

Just an ordinary week for Saviour Brown then, eh? All the things he does best.

And, as an added bonus, Gordo could do all that showing off in front of the man he loves most in all the world. The man, according to Nick, who

"he sees as a friend, ally and political soulmate - Barack Obama".

Yes! Saving the world and holding hands with One-Term Barry. And, according the the BBC's chief political correspondant, it all went swimmingly:

"if you listen to both men's speeches to the UN it's clear they are in political lock step. Gordon Brown has long dreamed of an American President who would give a speech like the one Obama gave"
"What's more, by week's end prime minister and president were standing shoulder to shoulder not in preparation for war - as their predecessors had - but in an effort to avoid one by turning the diplomatic screw on Iran."

Ahhhhhh. In't that nice? Shoulder to shoulder, eh? Thank heaven you were there to see it all, and tell us poor huddled masses how lucky we are to have such a man at the helm.

And, Nick goes on to tell us:

"Obama's support for what Gordon Brown calls "a growth strategy" .. is a political boost on the eve of his party conference."

Now, at this point, CF begins to wonder if we're actually talking about the same Gordon Brown and the same Barack Obama?

CF had somehow formed the impression that the trip wasn't quite that awe inspring. That it was in fact yet another in the Prime Ministers' seemingly endless series of clumsy minor disasters. A further humiliation for the UK on the international stage.

Wasn't this the trip where Barry refused, not once, not twice, but five times to meet with our monocular moron?

Ah, yes, Robinson belatedly admits, his idol was

"furious with what he regards as the media's childish games and disinterest in issues and results"

How naughty of the media. Nick frowns at them all. He thinks its just terrible that the media narrative

"lazily states that he's politically doomed and seizes on any evidence to confirm it."

Oh, those lazy media types. And worse, there's another media line..

"advocated by his enemies on the right [which] insists that Britain is now in decline diplomatically, militarily and economically"

Who could say such wicked things? With our successes last week in that kitchen, our tremendous victories in Afghanistan, and our booming economy?

But Nick knows the truth. And he's not afraid to tell it. Those are just wicked right wing lies and spin. The real story is the glorious triumph that he, Nick Robinson, was there to witness and relay to us.
"the President repeatedly clapped him on the back and tightly held the hand of his wife Sarah. Thus, the special relationship was, once again, put back on track"

Lovely. A happy ending. Well done Gordon, and well done Nick.

Or should we say, Sir Nick. After all, the Resignation Honours can't be too far away now, can they?



Dippyness. said...

LOL. Enjoyed reading that! Robinson, the Labour spokesman for the Brown's Broadcasting Company. @sonofmuff. :-)

Captain Haddock said...

If "Toenails" Robinson actually carried any credibility with anyone capable of seeing beyond the smoke and mirrors, his outpourings might be worrying ..

But as that's not, never was & never will be the case .. he remains a really good source of amusement ..

Keep it up for long enough Nick & you might even convince yourself ..

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Robinson is just embarrassing - his unwillingness to put the boot into the uselessness of Labour in general and Brown in particular suggests he is on a promise.

subrosa said...

"What's more, by week's end prime minister and president were standing shoulder to shoulder not in preparation for war - as their predecessors had...

Ah CF somehow I fear the above statement is wrong. Somehow I think the announcement about Iran yesterday was the New Global Order bods laying down the foundations for another long war in which we'd be prime movers of course.

Jill said...

Well, yes - Nick's a twat, Gordon's sunk like a sub of the day but less tasty, Obama's America's T Bliar.

But if I were the son of the manse or whatever Obama's the son of - and I can't be bothered to search a nice turn of phrase cos son number one is making too much noise on CoD4 to think straight - I'd be miffed at the pathetic rushings around of the media. Who the fuck gives a shit about who got what meeting where and walks and talks in kitchens?

I mean, it's not exactly a glorious knife under the fifth rib, is it? Nick's no more to be sneered at for saying Gordon's miffed by it as the original bitchy furore of everyone else splashing it in the first place.

Soho Politico said...

I'll give you that it was weird of Robinson to say that the media meme that Brown is doomed is repeated 'lazily' - as though it weren't actually true. But as for the rest of this post: for heaven's sake!

Nick Robinson is an ex-chair of the Young Conservatives - hardly a natural Labour stooge. And the overriding themes of his article, which you seem to have gone to great lengths to obscure, are that it all 'went wrong' for Brown this week, that No. 10's repeated attempts to gain access to Obama were unedifyingly 'desperate', and that the PM has an awful relationship with the media. It's hardly a puff piece.

Honestly, I would say that the constant cacophony of fact-free accusations of BBC bias emanating from the right just indicates paranoia on their part. But that would suggest that it is not calculating.

Constantly Furious said...

Nice try, SP, but I'm not wearing it.

Truth be told, I agree Robinson is not really a Labour stooge.

He's a just lazy, not-very-brave hack, who finds it easier to trot out the line he's just been fed than to actually do any thinking, or analysis.

He was neither attacking nor defending in this piece. Just regurgitating.

And that's not what you want, or should expect, from a senior BBC journalist, is it?


Anonymous said...

Actually...... yes its exactly what you want from an organisateion funded by the taxpayer yet representative of the country to the rest of the world in the same way Her Majesty is... so whats your point CF?

Anonymous said...

What I'm saying is just like the Monarchy the BBC is effectively and legally CASTRATED !

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder both institutions are filled with women and Gays ?