Why not try "Sorry", Gordon?

Gordon Brown will haul his woeful, flabby, exhausted arse onto the stage in Brighton later today, to make yet another last chance, turn-things-around, fightback "speech of his life".

Doubtless, whatever he says, he will be greeted with thunderous applause, standing ovations and tearfully grateful headlines in certain sections of the press.

Speechwriters will have crafted his words very carefully, and we can expect all the usual tired cliches; "hard working families", "do-nothing Tories", "Labour investments" to be hammered into our skulls in McBroon's droning monotone.

But there's one word that definitely won't appear. A word that does not seem to be in Brown's vocabulary. The simple word, "Sorry".

Why not try it Gordon? Go on. Say "Sorry".

Say sorry to your fellow MP's: most of them are going to lose their jobs soon, and many of them will never, ever be MP's again. The party you lead, Gordon, faces decades in the wilderness. You've made a party - a party that won by a landslide 12 years ago - completely unelectable.

Say sorry to the Labour activists, your grass roots, whose best efforts have been wasted, desperately trying to defend the indefensible.  There's not a lot you can say on the doorstep, or on your pro-Labour blog, or on Twitter, when faced with a set of massive fuck-ups of these proportions, is there?

Be especially sorry to @bevaniteellie, supposedly the most followed, most influential pro-Labour 'twitterer' in the country, who has wasted months of her life - over 6,500 'tweets' - desperately trying to influence others to vote Labour, but has had to do it almost enitirely with lies and smears about the Tories, because there's nothing good to say about the Labour party, even for the most blinkered and naive like her.

Say sorry to the nation, Gordon: you've made us a laughing stock around the world. When Americans think of Britain, they don't think of a vital partner in a Special Relationship, they think of a declining power, a country with a leader that no-one voted for and no-one wants. They don't see you as a powerful ally, they see you, our Prime Minister, as a weak man, making a fool of himself with his pathetic attempts to touch the hem of their leader. A man who allowed a terrorist to be set free while he was on holiday. That makes us all look a bit silly, doesn't it?

You should say sorry to all of those who have lost their jobs, thanks to your bungled economic policies.  And sorry to all those who are going to lose their jobs when the vast, bloated public sector is slashed, and all of the thousand of non-jobs disappear. Yes, all those Outreach Co-ordinators, Diversity Managers, Community Space Challenger Co-ordinators and Enviro-Crime Enforcement Officers are going to be unemployed - and unemployable - next year. Say sorry to them.

Say you're sorry to those who were tricked by the endless "no more bust" boasting and socially-engineered easy credit into over-extending themselves, and are now in negative equity, or struggling to clear huge debts.

Say sorry to all the students who couldn't find a place in University this year, because there just aren't enough, regardless of the 'targets' your government set.

Say sorry to the next generation, who are going to be paying more in tax than they should do for their whole working lives, not to pay for national infrastructure and services, but to pay for the debts that you ran up, in your vast 10 year spending spree, which was all about making you and your government look good, and all about securing your place in history, and not much about making our lives better.

Yes, Gordon, there a lot of people who deserve an apology.

And this is your last chance.



Captain Haddock said...

Ha ha .. Gordon Brown (or any Socialist for that matter) say "Sorry" ?

You might just as well ask next doors cat to recite Shakespeare ..

Anonymous said...

I'd put my money on the cat!!

Longrider said...

My cats will do Shakespeare and, Milton before that happens. They might even do a little Dickens and Conrad. We'll still be waiting.

Anonymous said...

You right-wingers are going to be sorry, never mind Gordon Brown.

He has saved us from much worse, and will carry on doing so when he wins the next election.

God forbid Cameron ever gets into number 10 - then we *would* have something to be sorry about.

Longrider said...

This is a jest, right?

Constantly Furious said...

Oh yes, it is.

Be nice if he said sorry for all the fuck ups.

Be even nicer if he ran off, plunged into the sea off Brighton and was never seen again.

He's not going to do either..

Hurf Durf said...

Any idiot who says Brown "saved us from a depression" (citation needed; besides, a depression is a sustained recession, we're not out of the water yet) deserves to have their vote taken away from them.

mungle said...

Gordon hides behind a cloak of "seriousness" or has done in the past. His dourness and sober suit has been taken as indicative of what his sycophants refer to as economic genius.
Even Blair has acknowledged that this government was lucky to be able to ride a prolonged credit bubble. Nothing whatsover to do with Browns economic genius.
After the next GE, whichever party wins we will face the full impact of the policies of this economic genius

Captain Haddock said...

Anon @ 11.38 ...

I can only assume you be taking the same mind-altering medication as the "Beloved Leader" .. your delusions simply cannot be the product of a normal, healthy mind ..

Whilst I personally believe Cameron to be shallow & his Shadow Cabinet is virtually unknown .. I fail to see how they could possibly make a worse mess ..

The one single thing at which Socialists excel .. is the squandering of other people's money & then taxing them for yet more ...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Furious, I cannot muster the massive amount of energy needed to fully Rant on the sheer unprecedented scale of fuckwittery which has been in evidence today. The large Hadron Collider when up and running ( as it will when Jonah Brown is safely out of office)will not produce the required amounts of energy, Colliding galaxy's and exploding Black holes are not enough , in fact there is not enough energy in the entire fucking universe which can provide for this task. Suffice to say when alls said and done...Gordon, it didnt work, your finished.