Flogging a dead horse? No, a book

There was a rumble in the blogosphere last night. A big story was breaking.

Bloggers vastly more influential than CF, such as Mike Smithson over at Political Betting, were texted and called, alerting them to the breaking news.

Excitement grew as it was revealed that the news was about MP's expenses. Oooh! Oooh! Bring it on!

And then, the story.  What does it tell us? Not much more than fuck all, really. It's just the Telegraph, flogging that dead horse; the former steeplechase champion, and winner of the Daily Telegraph Circulation Gold Cup, 'MP's expenses'.

Oh, but there are new 'revelations'. Apparently - and you'd never have guessed this - the 'mole' who passed the files to the Torygraph did so because he and his colleagues, processing those expenses, were angry about the wasted money.

Apparently, some staff became so angry, they had to - wait for it - "be told by managers to calm down". Imagine that, if you can. That angry, eh?. Must've been terrifying to behold.

The detail previously unrevealed was that the staff processing the expenses became angry having .. err ... discussed them with some soldiers.

But why is all this, frankly rather trivial, detail being revealed now?

"The man behind the leak - who is a civilian - has broken cover to tell his story for the first time, in the hope that it will shame the Government into finally supplying the right equipment for soldiers risking their lives in Afghanistan"

Well, that's no bad thing. Worth trying, although sadly, if this government could be 'shamed' into anything, they'd have all resigned (and committed suicide in some cases) a long time ago. That approach doesn't really work on the utterly, terminally, shameless scum currently mis-running the country.

Anyway, it's a commendable idea and .. oh, wait ... what's that? ... there's more? ...

"His account appears in No Expenses Spared, a book which is published on Friday and which discloses the full inside story of what Gordon Brown described as “the biggest Parliamentary scandal for two centuries”.

No Expenses Spared, written by two members of the Telegraph’s investigation team, describes how.."

Ah! All of a sudden, everything becomes clear.

This is not about the expenses scandal at all, is it? And it's not really about getting more money for the military either, is it? Although presumably, the mole will have handed the 110 thousand pounds he received straight to a military charity, of course. (Yeah, right)

This is about flogging some fucking opportunistic bloody book, knocked out by a couple of Telegraph hacks to cash in on the scandal. And, with a bit of luck for the Telegraph, boosting its circulation for a couple of days by reviving a months'-old story.

Well done everybody. You must be so fucking proud.



RantinRab said...


Trident said...

Much ado about f**k all...

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the expenses coming back into the news time and time again. It will haunt those tax-eating MPs regularly

Anonymous said...

Those media whores at the Telegraph have fulfilled their purpose and should be dispensed with now.

Captain Haddock said...

I reckon it will end up with the tomes by our "Beloved Leader" .. in the bargain basement bin ..

That said, anything which keeps the spotlight trained on greedy, lying & incompetent MP's (of all stripes)gets my vote ..

Anonymous said...

I agree with the good Cap'n. Anything which keeps the rage in the mind of the general public until the election is fine by me.

Roger said...

Anything that keeps the pressure on this despicable government is a good thing.

closed said...

Kinda disgusted the whole expenses thing has been allowed to become old news at all to be honest. Nothing has changed. Some red faces amongst them briefly, but it hasn't changed fuck all. The 646+724 'parliamentarians' are still taking the piss out of us.

Do I care that the people who broke the news are making a few more bob out of it? No, cant say i'm too interested in that.


All true CF. But this is one horse I really don't mind seeing flogged, again and again. The fuckwit monkey voters could do with some reminding about what happens when they return a Labour fucking government.
Mole man should have chucked half his 110 large into the H4H kitty though.
I'll be fucked if I'm gonna buy the Telegraph again though. Mary Riddell's online column is worth a look-see however. Not for her bullshit writings but only for the 100+ comments she tends to attract. She is a complete fucking loon. I mean barking. I mean Gordon Brown multiplied by our our national debt.


Barking Spider said...

I agree, CF, but the fact that it puts more pressure on them at conference time can't be bad.