800 years of toffs - ignored

Cambridge University is celebrating its eight hundredth anniversary this year. As part of the celebrations,the Empire State Building in New York will be lit with 3 million light blue bulbs today and tomorrow to mark the occasion.

On Monday, images of Cambridge University were broadcast across Times Square and a representative from Cambridge rang the NASDAQ closing bell.

Well done, those Americans. A celebration of everything this great institution has acheived. But why the fuck is this going on in New York?

Why are there not similar celebrations in our major cities?

Has our own beloved Prime Minister said anything about this? Is he joining these celebrations?

Has he scribbled one his famous marker pen letters to the 'Univercity of Kambridge', 'contragulating' them on their '8000th' anniversary? Of course he fucking hasn't

Will he be mentioning this in his next gurning, stuttering press conference? How proud he is, to lead a country containing one of the world's oldest and finest academic institutions? Not a fucking hope.

To Gordon Brown and his fellow class warriors in the rapidly sinking Labour Party, the University represents not achievement and ambition, but privilege and elitism.

In spite of having attended top Universities themselves, senior figures in the Labour party can't be seen to approve of any institution that has the temerity to select on merit, rather than the sort of 'fairness' they'd like to see.

They keep hammering away at Oxford and Cambridge, bullying and threatening them. They'd like these places to stop selecting only the best qualified students, and to start giving out places like free school dinners to the feral hoodies from the sink estates, who somehow 'deserve' them more than those who happen to have been at a very good school, either through luck or parental diligence. Every year, they push a fraction closer to this goal, and more threats are made, more 'targets' are invented.

But in the meantime, until Labour's class war is won, and every last person has been dragged down to the level of the laziest, the most feeble, the dimmest-witted, in the name of 'fairness' , these top Universities, these bastions of privilege just have to be ignored.

So Cambridge, don't wait for Gordon to wish you a Happy Birthday.

He ain't gonna.



Dippyness. said...

Not surprised...Who paid for the Memorial at Runnymede? Wasn't us!

Jill said...

Feral hoodies?! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA. You sound like the Daily Mail, you great daftie. Get a grip.

With you on the schizoid nature of New Labour attitudes though.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Communist Party of Great Britain which nurtured so many members of the cabinet in their youth was itself committed to the destruction of the nation's culture before a brave new Britain could be built on the ashes of our old country. Now that they are well advanced in their aims only the few remaining centres of academic excellence remain to be destroyed.Population replacement has exceeded their wildest dreams and the nation's wealth reclaimed by Maggie has been totally destroyed. Almost there comrades.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Most of the Labour Party went to Oxford, didn't they? :o)

Chris said...

As far as Labour are concerned history only started around 1906. In Labour historiography everything before that is feudalism.

bristolmoose said...

Actually, Cambridge Uni is probably giving a collective sigh of relief that Jonah Brown hasn't congratulated them and wished them well for the future. They'd be unlikely to see 801 years if that happened.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what the story really is, but it seems at least plausible that Cambridge U might think it worth hiring a bit of publicity in New York, whence it might get profitable students; UK students are not all that financially desirable, and, I fear, in England people would not be very impressed anyway.