Guardian: Boris bad, Kerry good.

Cripes! Boris 'BoJo' Johnson is in trouble again, according to the Guardian.

Apparently, ecstatic that the Sun had switched to the Tories a couple of weeks ago, BoJo exuberantly 'twittered':

"The Sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hip hooray"

Pretty harmless, you might think. Childish, but no lives lost. Mild case of tosser, but he may well recover.

But no.

Not to those sad, pointless fuckwits whose entire empty lives are defined by their hatred of 'The Tories', 'Old Etonians' and especially Boris himself, a Tory Old Etonian.

One of them decided to - anonymously, of course - complain. Or rather 'A complaint was lodged', as these po-faced nasties like to put it. The complaint was 'referred to the GLA panel'

The committee 'decided not to take the matter further' and (here comes the science tedious part):

".. opted for a letter of guidance from City Hall's deputy chief executive, Jeff Jacobs, to the mayor highlighting the clause that stipulates that "when using or authorising the use by others of the resources by your authority, ensure that such resources are not used improperly for political purposes"

Blah Blah. Boris got a bollocking for wasting time on Twitter.

The Grauniad, always happy to spread bad news, as long as it involves a Tory, headlined this as:

"Johnson receives formal warning after using Twitter for party purposes"

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, Kerry McCarthy, @kerrymp as she is (for a couple more months) known, Labours official 'Twitter Csar', has had a lot of harmless fun on Twitter.

Hilarious career Geordie and professional randomer Ross Noble encouraged his mindless 'followers' to Tweet @kerrymp some questions. And the game girl didn't back down:

"The Bristol East MP announced she would try to reply to as many of the tweets as possible, and over six hours answered more than 100 questions.

"Asked if she would wear a gorilla suit to parliament, she replied: "I don't think it's expressly forbidden, I could give it a try?"

Oh, what larks!

But hang on, Guardian. Isn't there a teeny, tiny contrast in the reaction we're 'supposed' to have to these two stories?

Boris is abusing and squandering resources with his single tweet, whereas Kerry is just such huge fun with her 100+ tweets.

Very slight whiff of hyprocrisy there? Perhaps?

And what's even odder? What highlights the tiny imbalance? These two stories are not just in the same paper, not just on the same day, not just on the same page, but both in the same fucking piece. This piece.

Irony? Lost on the Guardian.



Corrugated Soundbite said...

The really cynical (and Labourly over-sensitive, like a tofu munching Guardian reader) might even suppose was a hint of a comparison to Big Nick, given the rising of Boris's right arm into the air and that well known vitriolic symbol of hatred, the Union Jack. Although he is addressing immigrants, as opposed to eating their babies.

#WeLoveTheGraun ;-)

banned said...

How do they know Boris wasn't twitting in his own time ?

Miranda's Mum said...

Such FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to decades of hand wringing and fretting by the Guardian when they realise after the next election that they are completely irrelevant.

Mark Taylor said...

Er... there's nothing in that article about waste. It's about using the mayoral Twitter account – not a personal account, but an official one – for a party political purpose. You could certainly have made a case for it being a pretty minor offence – that's presumably why it only prompted a 'letter of guidance' – but instead you've completely misrepresented the (valid) principle behind the complaint. It's not as though that report was even ambiguous. Is this an embarrassing failure of reading comprehension, or are you just wilfully misleading your readers?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I hope and believe that we can rely on Boris to fire a broadside in return, as he usually does.

I reckon he can look after himself OK.