Sarcasm - not always the lowest form of wit

Iain Martin, over at the Wall Street Journal, has been listening to Gordon Brown's abject nonsense today, and he seems enthused to hear it:

"Thank goodness somebody is finally on the case. Apparently, and I know this is hard to believe, but there is “a culture of excess” in the public services. It seems it stretches back years, with extravagant pay settlements, gold-plated pensions and inefficient working practices.

Said the PM today: “Money which should be spent on health, schools, policing and social services is in some cases going on excessive salaries and unjustified bonuses far beyond the expectations of the majority of workers. This culture of excess must change and will change.”

"The prime minister looked pretty angry about it all, I can tell you. Indeed, he must be furious that the aforementioned excesses have been kept hidden from him. As a result, I suspect there will be quite a few senior people back in Whitehall with some pretty tough questions to answer.

There’s only one consolation. Thank heavens it’s all been discovered in the nick of time, before anything terrible happened. Like the U.K. deficit heading beyond £175 billion."

Wow, he seems impressed.

Or is he, perhaps, being sarcastic? So hard to tell..



Anonymous said...

Fancy that. He's been in charge of the money either as the Chancellor or the First Lord of the Treasury... (why do they have such stupid names)... for nearly 14 years and no one told him about all these salaries and all that greed.

That was really sneaky of them, specially as he's been responsible for them.

Still, he's got about 3 or 4 months to put it all right.

caesars wife said...

liked the darling photo !!

guess what runway 3 at heathrow has just got go ahead , apperently CO2 emissions wont affect govt targets , mmmmmmmmm so a 40% in crease in flights wont affect targets .

Still whilst copenhagen is on , what next , re search that drinking petrol instead of mneral water , puts vra vra vroom in your tank . or new govt report that seal clubbing means you can turn the thermostat down .

copenhage is begging to llok like cover for letting off toxic policies isnt it !

banned said...

Nothing changes. BBC 1980

Yes Minister, The Economy Drive

Anonymous said...

Actually, the rest of the UK will ahve to make reductions that will make up for the increase in Lodnon's traffic.


Well, we must make sure London and the glitterati don't suffer, what?

Doesn't matter about the rest of us. We can get a horse and cart!

Anonymous said...

CW, perhaps runway 3 will be reserved for these aircraft