Nicely put

As Constantly Furious often says, he ain't no Tory.

CallMeDave is not a convincing character, Eton playing fields or not.

However, today he (or more likely, his speech writer) hit the nail on the head.

".. if you are at the tiller and the crunch comes, you do the right thing for your country. You put aside personal considerations and political considerations and you do the right thing.

"Yesterday [Labour] did the wrong thing. Confronted with this budget deficit, confronted with the problems, they put their own political fortunes ahead of the fortunes of our country."

CF couldn't have put it better himself.



Anonymous said...

Once again CF you fail to give credit where credit is due, instead of concentrating on our nations impossible to imagine such is its size, debt, why not mention the reduced Bingo Tax ! Now surely that is good news and an vote winner if ever there was one.

Anonymous said...

It probably is for Labour voters actually.

In any case, am I the only person astounded that Cameron is still Tory leader? Confronted with a Labour government that appears to have a wish to be in opposition, he should be far, far more ahead in the polls.

Snowolf said...

Cameron may have hit the nail on the head, but do you have any faith that if the roles were reversed that Osborne would have done any different?

I don't.

Useless bastards, the lot of them.

RantinRab said...

Cameron is a nothing. A political placebo.

If, (yeah, I said if), the tories win Cameron will be ejected as leader before Christmas.

caesars wife said...

yes I rather warmed to it , I was beggining to think deep blue had dissapered and been put out to grass. Could be worse "hug a banker "??

You never quite know what he will do when challenged, ruin may yet have underestimated him . CW on the other hand , has ruin estimated as crook with fingers in ears counting days to and practicsing , composure as rover 45 takes him down the mall and everyone throws rotten veg at him , with pitchforks and torches and placards with dual ruin darling hanging saying "wheres the money gone"

every working family will have to provide £2400 per year for 10 years to put it right, so much for 1997 then !! and the erm good times , things certainly got better didnt they or was it all a D REAM

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:04

Bingo Tax and Boilers.

Whoop-de-fucking-doo! I'll bet the old boilers that play Bingo are delighted.

thespecialone said...

Cameron needs to turn his back on the MMGW religion.