Don't talk with your mouth full

As what historians will note was one of the worst decades in the history of this once-great-nation draws to a close, various awards and accolades must be distributed.

One prize, not cherished by its recipient, but certainly in need of delivery, should be for the Most Egregious Parliamentary Trougher

CF thought he already knew the shortlist for this award but the Daily Telegraph has just, in the dying minutes of the game, brought to his attention a new contender.

Irene Adams became a Labour MP in 1990: when her husband, MP for Paisley North, died she took over. Her daughter and son-in-law were Labour councillors, who we also paid to work in her constituency office. So, an MP, married to an MP and employing family party members. It's a safe bet Ms. Adams knew her way around the expense system, eh?

In June 2005, she got the reward that all good, compliant Labour MP's can expect, and was 'elevated' to the Lords. The new Baroness Adams of Craigielea got off to a slow start, and eventually made her maiden speech in February 2006.

Since then, she has been diligently claiming every single expense to which she knows she is 'entitled', making her the second most expensive peer in the Lords last year.

In all, she's managed to lay her greedy, clammy hands on over 200,000 pounds of our money.

But here's the rub. Ask what she has done for us while pocketing all that money. Since her well-received Maiden speech back in early 2006, what has she said in the Lords? What issues has she raised, what wrongs has she righted? What, in short, has she said?

Nothing. Fuck all. That's right: zip. Nada. Rien. Not a peep from her.

Baroness Adams has not made a single speech, not said a single word, in the House of Lords since February 2006.

For fuck's sake. Two hundred fucking grand of our money, and she's yet to turn in a single piece of homework.

Is she shy, for fucks sake? Unlikely - she was an MP for 15 years. No, like all troughers, she's all about the rewards, and fuck the effort.

Jacqui 'Jackboots' Smith was (and still is) a greedy, dishonest, througher, and quite happy to lie about where she lived to get her trotters on more cash,  but at least she turned up for work from time to time.

She might have said the most fuckwitted things imaginable, and been the worst Home Secretary ever, but at least the stupid woman tried to do her fucking job, woefully incompetent though she was at it.

But not even this from Baroness Adams.

While she doesn't seem willing or able to speak in the House, surely she'll have a detailed account of her activities to share with us, a rebuttal of these claims? Let's her speak, to prove she still can, eh? What have you got to say for yourself, Baroness?

Well, when the Telegraph tried to speak to her yesterday, she apparently declined to answer questions. She did howeverm make a speech. It was just a very short one. Here it is, in its entirety:

“I’m not interested.”

What the fuck? The fucking arrogance dripping from those three words. How dare you dismiss us loftily with a three word speech?

You're not interested? Well we sure as fuck are, Madam Baroness

We want our fucking money back.



JuliaM said...

I'll settle for taking it out of her hide, the greedy arrogant cow...

Anonymous said...

The morals of the Bazaar

Martin Budden said...

As part of the reform of the House of Lords I strongly advocate that we should ban anyone who has ever been an MP from sitting in the Lords.

If the electorate has got rid of an MP, then they should not be allowed back into government through a back door.

This rule should certainly be applied until the House of Lords is an elected body, but I think we should retain the rule even if it became an elected body.

Captain Haddock said...

Another waste of genetic material ..

subrosa said...

That's a very pretty photo CF, you've done the woman justice.

LiterateCynic said...

After a dozen years of the most corrupt (and incompetent) administration imaginable, this comes as no surprise.

It just makes my blood boil that sweet f*** all will get done about it...ever.

Hope she chokes on her cash and fucking dies!

Captain Haddock said...

Sadly, GOM .. only the good die young .. So this bitch will probably continue her luxuriously parasitic life-style for many years to come ..

AndrewSouthLondon said...

Guess where the Lady comes from? Well well, "north of the border"

Wiki: "Scottish Labour Party peer, who served as Member of Parliament in the constituency of Paisley North from 1990 to 2005"

So we in England pay for our own Parliament, then we pay again for a Scottish Parliament, then we pass on a Peerage to an ex Scottish labour MP to sit in the House of Lords, presumably because Blair didn't think to set up a Scottish House of Lords. Instead he filled the House of Lords with Scots.

Now the Lady cant be bothered to even speak and presumably just turns up once in a while to file her expenses before going shopping.

Send her to Europe next?

mungle said...

Why should she be interested? She is still going to carry on troughing. What incentive has she to be "interested"? No one is going to do anything about her. She will just carry on claiming her "expenses" She is now one of the "great and the good".. One of the animal farm piggies, Orwell was spot on!

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrew from saf Landon, thank fuck there were no English MP's rippin the piss out of the expenses or your opening statement would make you look like a proper little stupid cunt would it not ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No need to shout anon !

AndrewSouthLondon said...

Anonymous: get a name, then get a brain, then learn some manners, then GFYS because you have very little to contribute on your showing so far. Got it?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant post. I was rolling about laughing at it.

God, we need to do something about the House of Lords and soon. I think one of your commenters said something good though. If someone has been an MP and they are voted out it is a total insult to the voters to put them in the Lords. It should be illegal to do that.

I'd just like to querie one thing. You said 'this once great country': I've been reading history recently and I can't think of a time when this was really a great country. Powerful? yes, infulential? yes, rich? well, yes for a very few, but great? no never really great sadly.

Anonymous said...

Andrew saf landon your bigoted post implies that its her nationality that is the problem, that is bigotry and ignorance mate and you should be ashamed of yourself, Get it !

RavingMad said...

I happened to catch Parliament TV this morning whilst flicking the news channels. There was a debate about Lords as Ministers, you know unelected people being given government jobs.

Tony Wright MP was imressed by Lord Adonis's and Lord Darzi's contributions and saw little problem with at least 30% of government made up of members of the HoL. After that the public might take exception - Huh????

FFS what is the point of any of these troughing bastards?? I don't want an election I want a public fucking hanging of the lot of them NOW!!!!

banned said...

The elctorate have the means with which to dispose of troughing local MPs but none to depose ghastly women like this.
What was that about no taxation without representation ? This bitch represents no-one so why is she claiming ouur taxes.

Good last line CF
We want our fucking money back. Someone stick that on a bus and park it up outside Parliament.