Labour: nasty when they're hungry

Labour blogger Paul Cotterill, writing on the perpetually, hilariously wrong-headed 'Though Cowards Flinch' is in a strop.

In his view, the way for this woeful government, this pathetic excuse for a political party, to cling to power is..

"..all about ensuring that the voters see the clear blue water between Labour and the Tories"

Well, CF thought it might've been 'all about' having intelligent or attractive policies, but - hey- what does he know?

But not everybody in the Labour camp is playing ball. That naughty Frank Field:

".. has been thinking the unthinkable again, decided he doesn’t care for any of this ‘spending our way out of recession stuff’ .. he is utterly, utterly wrong"

And of course, as even the youngest, most naive and blinkered Labour activist (are you reading this @bevaniteellie?) knows that this is..

"..against the government’s electoral strategy, which is to create an ‘investment vs. cuts’ distance between themselves and Tories"

For fuck's sake. Is there to be any Labour policy, statement or even idle thought that doesn't disparge the eeevil Tories, rather than suggesting something positive?

So, how is Frank to be persuaded? How is this to be debated internally and in public? How will common ground be found, agreement reached?

Oh. It won't be. There's a simpler solution:

"Field should be given his marching orders, and a more compliant PPC put in place in time for the election"

Of course! The Labour way. Dissent will not be tolerated.

And not content with abusing him on his blog, Cotteril even thinks that there should be an organised campaign against Field:

"Will it happen? Well, if the idea gets taken up by @bevaniteellie on twitter, it might just."

And once this purge of wrong-thinkers has begun, Paul thinks the axe should continue to swing.

"..if the Labour grassroots builds a head of steam on this, and gets rid of Frank Field, then Tom Harris MP .. would surely be next in line"

Wow. Those tribal loyalists are getting really, really hungry to retain power - at any cost - now.

And they're nasty when they're hungry.



Anonymous said...

This title is grossly unfair and inaccurate.

It should read "Labour : nasty"

JuliaM said...

"...the government’s electoral strategy, which is to create an ‘investment vs. cuts’ distance between themselves and Tories..."

Umm, haven't we had 10 years 'investment' by Labour in the NHS, education, the police, the military, roads, etc?

And are all those things now perfect?

Exactly. So who would fall for this?

Jill said...

If you could point me in the direction of this clear blue water, I'd be very grateful.

Anonymous said...

Only 183 days maximum before we're rid of this lot.

With any luck, it'll be 100 years before they get a sniff of power again...

Anonymous said...

Jesus wept - this lot shouldn't just be voted out. They should be eradicated forthwith lest their cancerous contamination of the human race starts to spreads into the EU....oh.

mungle said...

Why am I not surprised let alone shocked that the good of the country doesn't get a mention? Policy isn't based on the longer term benefit of the country but to try and outflank the tories get their wretched selves elected again.